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Friday, April 1, 2016

Short Story Review - Thoughts of a God by Josh Wakefield

How did we get here? Why? Under what conditions? Here is a possible explanation! Once here, how can we best provide for a sucessful journey?  Here, in this book,are a lot of suggestions. Some of them completely new!  Concepts include, antimatter, healing proesses, getting answers to your questions.  Plenty of facts you probably did not know.

My name is Joshua Wakefield.I have been a student and teacher of METAPHYSICSfor most of my life [over 75 years].

This book has NO fillers.  It covers ground other writers would take many more pages to fill [with fillers].

Thank you! Josh Wakefield

Hubbie's Review
Even though this piece of writing is only 34 pages long, the detail, knowledge and research that has gone into it is first class. A very theological case study on God and how the author perceives he thinks.

A very deep, thought provoking read which will interest any scholar of mans being and the way we all act and think. The author uses several different beliefs in the works to explain Gods reasoning. Having some interest in religion and what the effects of belief has on people is a bit of a study area for me. I found this short piece of work very intriguing and made me think about my image of God and how I perceive his actions from the bible.

Anyone who likes to study and be challenged about the way they think and see things must read this piece of literature.
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  1. As someone who isn't religious this wouldn't really appeal to me but I admire anyone who can tackle such a deep subject and write a meaningful essay on it in such a short book. Writing tightly without waffle is a gift! Tx

  2. Hi there, I agree with Face Up Beauty, I'm not religious so this also wouldn't appeal to me. However someone else will like this.

  3. Sounds intriguing. I'd love to give it a read too :)

  4. I tend to be more spiritual but do enjoy reading others takes on religion etc. It is always good to at least learn what others may be thinking!

  5. Sounds interesting - thank you for the review.


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