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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Book Review - Mistaken Enemy by Dennis A Nehamen (A Zach Miller Thriller: Book 1)

Book Review
Mistaken Enemy by Dennis A Nehamen 
(A Zach Miller Thriller: Book 1)

Book Description

A Story Exploring Both Sides of Fate

Free-lance writer Zach Miller doesn’t mind going the extra mile for a good story, but 7,500 miles is a bit more than he bargained for. Nevertheless, when his closest friend fortuitously points the way to Israel, reluctantly he goes.

In the caldron of intrigue, politics, and terrorism that is the modern Middle East, Zach uncovers a plot—one that potentially threatens the lives of perhaps millions. His problem? There are two sides to every coin, and at least two sides in every war. But in this kind of conflict, information is a commodity, and misinformation, a weapon. Zach might be the unexpected emissary, the man with an answer, but sadly, neither side trusts him. Worse still, both sides will do anything in their power to stop him. Far from home, in a strange and at times incomprehensible land, Zach has no resources other than his own ingenuity…and a desire to be on the side of truth. That might be too tall an order in an encounter where both combatants are dead certain that there is only one truth: theirs.

Mistaken Enemy, the first of the Zach Miller Stories, is a heart-racing account of hate, revenge and destiny, ultimately testing the boundaries of human love and will.

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Hubbies Review
Based round of the worlds most troublesome and intriguing places the Middle East the author has created a very interesting storyline as we are introduced to free lance writer Zach Miller. As Zach lands in Israel little does he know what is in store for him, not only will his beliefs be challenged but his own existence, as the people and situations he encounters take him on a trip through his own personnel history.

The authors research and knowledge of the Middle East shines through as he understands both sides of the religious coins and the traditions of the people who live there. In places it was difficult for me but with the descriptions and explanations I understand the storyline.

An excellent thriller with twists and turns in every chapter based in a volatile area were extreme rules and the ultimate game is to survive. The storyline is current and fresh and relays just how fragile human behaviour is and the devastating effect one mans thought can have on the whole world.  A very physiological read with deep meaning to peoples actions as a result of their beliefs and culture. This will appeal to history, cultural and thrillers readers and everyone will learn from this book.

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About the author
Unintentionally, I must have acquired a reputation as the psychologist of last resort... over the years my colleagues kept sending me the most bizarre, challenging, eccentric and thrilling cases. The outcome was that I ended up with a practice composed of some of the most fascinating and intriguing individuals. In the end this vast, unpredictable and eclectic group of people not only compose many of the characters for my stories but also, in many cases they influence the path the stories themselves take. I'm frequently asked if my tales are true...and I answer the same. No. Then I hedge my reply: Many are 97% true, though the names, dates, locations and other private details have been altered to abide by the rules of confidentiality. Then again, some are adaptations and amalgamations of stories I've heard from clients over the years. What matters most is that these jewels are--certainly I hope for them to be--inspiring to the human spirit, insightful to the universal human condition, and instructive to humans living a fulfilling existence. When I'm not in my office or writing, I spend my time with my family, hiking, and practicing yoga (an ancient art form sadly underappreciated by modern psychology). You can reach me at I love to hear from readers, and I do my best to reply to every email, as time allows.

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  1. This sounds like a really interesting read, I'm not sure if it would be my cup of tea though! xo

  2. it sounds like a quite difficult story (for me) but i am like romance books only girl. althought it doesnd intruiqguing and definitely intresting!


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