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Tales of the Unexpected by Ann Girdharry plus 2 ebooks Giveaway - 2 Winners!!

Tales of the Unexpected #2 Sweet Justice

A dark tale, told from the perspective of a young woman…
1960s, America. Tess’ mother has disappeared. Then, a woman from a neighbouring ranch goes missing. Refusing to believe her mother ran away, Tess decides to play a dangerous game. Alone and in secret, she sets a trap.

As reality around her begins to reveal its true, warped nature, Tess becomes a victim of her own deception. The only way is to continue until the end. This story follows Tess as she confronts the shadow side.

“A psychological thriller of a short story…You can feel something bad is going to happen, but you don’t know how it’ll end until you actually get there.”

“This is a great read.”

“I had goosebumps as I read Sweet Justice.”

A psychological suspense, mystery, short read of 6000 words. The second in the Tales of the Unexpected series. 

Available on

Tales of the Unexpected #4 Written on the Apple Tree

A recurring moment from a past life, a possession, or a simple meeting between two strangers?

Kim encounters Oliver at a remote spot on the heath and though she’s never met him before, he seems familiar. How can it be that he knows how she thinks and of things she’s said?

Oliver is both dangerous and magnetic and he seems to have knowledge of Kim’s family.

Lonely and drifting, will Kim side with Oliver? There’s a mystery lurking underneath the surface of their chance meeting and Kim must make treacherous choices about her future.

 A haunting, atmospheric suspense about the links, real and imagined, that run between generations and how shadows from the past impact upon the present.

“The story echoes in the reader’s mind…”

“A tale with a delightful twist…”

“It’s all very good. There are bigger, deeper questions that shimmer on each page, ranging from the impact of long-ago decisions to the power of suggestion. Either way you look at it, Girdharry is a bright writer, and I’m eager to read what’s next of her sleeve.”

A mystery, suspense short read of 4000 words. The fourth in the Tales of the Unexpected series.  
Available on
About the author
I was born and educated in the UK. I enjoy travelling and visiting different cultures and as an adult, I've lived in the USA, Norway, the UK and I currently live in Montpellier, France. Here in Montpellier, we have a lovely Mediterranean climate. (You can find some pictures of life in France on Pinterest.)

Mystery and psychological suspense are my favourite genre to read and to write. When I’m not at my desk, you can find me in my garden (I love my plants and flowers) or out roller blading.

Future Plans -
My first full length mystery, suspense novel is complete and will soon be published – (Kal Medi #1)
In the story, Kal’s journalist mother goes missing and Kal launches herself into the investigation. She will discover a crime network involving London’s elite, and will travel to India where she goes undercover to gather evidence. Echoes from the past are replaying in the present. Kal will be forced to the edge and must face her own suspicions about her family in order to discover the truth.
Look out for it soon!

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Two Winners
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Ending on Friday 27th May at 11.59pm EST

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Book Excerpt from THE GIRL IN THE TIME MACHINE by Debra Chapoton

by Debra Chapoton

A desperate teen. A faulty time machine. A rising body count.

Laken Mitchell has been bullied one time too many, but using a time machine to make her tormenters disappear means putting her own future—and her past—at perilous risk. THE GIRL IN THE TIME MACHINE is science fiction at its complex best. If you’re looking for a new twist to time travel, a heroine who dodges parallel universes, and a story that makes you think, then you’ll love this dark and mysterious tale.

Here's an excerpt from THE GIRL IN THE TIME MACHINE:

It was one in the morning and I had a golden opportunity for revenge. I couldn’t help myself. I took her to the lab. She was not too drunk to walk up to the third floor, but she was definitely too out of it to realize that my telling her to lie down on the ‘massage table’ was not going to end well for her.
I chose that day’s date and some random coordinates close to what was already on the screen. What did I care?
Poof, the bitch was gone. And nobody was going to think anything other than that she ran away from home.
I locked up and stepped outside. The dark monastery in the middle of the woods was creepy enough after midnight, but before I could open the car door I heard far off shrieks, like the sound a rabbit makes when a bobcat pounces. The screams were faint at first, then frantic. And human. I grabbed the flashlight from the car, pushed the gate all the way open and ran for the path to town. Between the ghastly moonlight and the fairly strong beam in my hand I followed the trail to the rusty car. The cries were growing less frequent.

Available at most online bookstores
About the author:
Debra Chapoton is an international best-selling author of multiple adult, young adult, and children's novels. She writes in various genres including, but not limited to, psychological thriller, paranormal, science fiction, dystopian, and fantasy. Following is a list of some of her works:
                EDGE OF ESCAPE
                THE GUARDIAN’S DIARY
                A SOUL’S KISS
                OUT OF EXODIA
                MYSTERY’S GRAVE
                BULLIES AND BEARS
                A TICK IN TIME
                BIGFOOT DAY, NINJA NIGHT

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BOOK TOUR - Once and Future Wife by David Burnett

Jennie Bateman has again fallen in love with Thomas, her former husband, but Tasha, one of his children, is determined to destroy their relationship.

Jennie had done that herself a number of years earlier. In the midst of a manic episode, she had deserted Thomas and their two daughters, choosing, instead, a life of shameless debauchery.

Perhaps she was shocked when Thomas filed for a divorce. Perhaps it was the influence of a preacher who took an interest in her. Perhaps she simply cycled back toward normal.

Whatever the cause, years later, when she again made contact with her family, she was a different person. Even so, they wanted nothing to do with her.

But time moves on. Circumstances change.

Jennie has been accepted by her children. Thomas’s second wife has died, leaving him a single parent with four adult daughters and a newborn. In Jennie’s eyes, he is the same good-looking, kind, loving person she had fallen for when they were in college.

While Jennie has fallen in love with Thomas, he has no interest in romance. He is still mourning the loss of his second wife, he is caring for their infant daughter, and he still nurses the hurt he felt when Jennie abandoned him so many years before. He does not want her around his children, and he is determined to shelter his infant daughter from her.

As time passes, though, he finds himself attracted to Jennie again, discovering she now resembles the girl with whom he once fell in love, rather the shrew who once walked out of his life.

Tasha knows of Jennie’s earlier life and she has discovered that she still takes medication to control her behavior.

“Are these your crazy pills?” Tasha mocks her as she snatches the bottle from Jennie’s hand. “If I flush them, will you be crazy in the morning? Only a weakling depends on medicine,” she asserts.

She insists that whether Jennie takes the medication or not, she will ultimately relapse, that another manic episode lies ahead, perhaps just around the bend. She taunts Jennie by printing documents from the internet to support her claim. She reminds Jennie that if she were to relapse after marrying Thomas, she would ruin his life – a second time.

Shamed by Tasha, Jennie ponders tossing her medication, hoping to prove to both of them that she can live without it. As she considers what to do, she fears that she will fail the test, be unable to cope, and her demons– anger, alcohol, and sex − will come rushing back to thwart her chance for a second marriage just as they destroyed her first.

Thomas would not try to cope with those demons again, would he? She couldn’t ask that of him, could she?

In Once and Future Wife we follow Jennie as she goes a second round with her demons, hoping to find a way to stop them from destroying the love and happiness that finally seem to be within her reach.

Once and Future Wife is a stand alone sequel to Those Children Are Ours. The first book does not have a cliff hanger of any kind at the end.  Once and Future Wife picks up with Jennie four years later and can be read apart from the other book.

Available to buy from....

Also Available - Those Children Are Ours
Jennie Bateman screamed at her daughters, cursed at her husband, packed a bag, and walked away. Twelve years later, she petitions the family court for visitation with her daughters, Alexis and Christa.

Her attorney tells Jennie that, ordinarily, she could not imagine that some type of visitation would not be granted. But, she warns, the situation is hardly ordinary. True, Jennie suffered from a bipolar disorder when she began to drink heavily, abandoned her family, and moved in with another man. True, she has turned her life around: leaving her boyfriend, returning to school, entering therapy, taking medication, finding a job, and joining a church.

But she pressed no claim for her children when her husband divorced her, and she has made no attempt to contact them in any way since then. Her daughters, now sixteen and fourteen, live four hundred miles away. They have busy lives that do not include her, lives that will be totally disrupted by the visitation that she requests. Their father is engaged to be married to a woman who has taken the role of their mother for a decade. Alexis remembers nothing good about Jennie. Christa recalls nothing at all.

Conflict ensues as soon as Jennie’s petition is served: her former husband does not want to share his children with the woman who deserted him; her children have no interest in knowing the mother who abandoned them, and her father insists that she is being timid and ought to demand full custody, not simply visitation.

As court convenes, Jennie’s past is dredged up− the desertion, the men, her drinking, her mental health − and paraded before the judge. Her claim to be a different person, now, is attacked. The judge hesitates to grant Jennie’s request, but reluctantly agrees to order three trial visits.

If persuading the judge to let her see her children was difficult, convincing them to allow her to be a part of their lives seems to be almost impossible. What happens as she finally begins to connect with her daughters places them all in grave danger and threatens her life, itself.

Available to buy from....

About the author
David Burnett lives in Columbia South Carolina, with his wife and their blue-eyed cat, Bonnie. The Reunion, his first novel, is set in nearby Charleston.

David enjoys traveling, photography, baking bread, and the Carolina beaches. He has photographed subjects as varied as prehistoric ruins on the islands of Scotland, star trails, sea gulls, a Native American powwow, and his grandson, Jack. David and his wife have traveled widely in the United States and the United Kingdom. During one trip to Scotland, they visited Crathes Castle, the ancestral home of the Burnett family near Aberdeen. In The Reunion, Michael's journey through England and Scotland allows him to sketch many places they have visited.

David has graduate degrees in psychology and education and previously was Director of Research for the South Carolina Department of Education. He and his wife have two daughters.

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