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Aerie, Catherine - The Dance of the Spirits - click here
Allnach, Roland  -  Remnant an anthology  -  click here
Al-Rodhan, Nayef R F  -  The Politics of Emerging Strategic Technologies  -  click here
                                         Emotional Amoral Egoism  -  click here
Arnold, Carolyn - Violated - click here 
                           - In Line of Duty - click here
                           - City of Gold - click here 
Arnold, Kathryne - The Resurrection of Hannah - click here
                            - The Fear of Things To Come - click here
Auman, Catherine - Shortcuts to Mindfulness: 100 Ways to Personal & Spiritual Growth - click here
Bailey, Bryan - Embracing the Wild in Your Dog - click here
Bane, Adam - Acqua Morta - click here
Belenus, Ben  -  The Sex God  -  click here
Belmont, J A  -  The Swiss Cheese Theory of Life  -  click here
Berger, Maya - Luna Tree: The Baby Project - click here
Best, Marshall - Guiamo The Chronicles of Guiamo Durmius Stolo Book 1 - click here
                       - Cumoro The Chronicles of Guiamo Durmius Stolo Book 2 - click here
                       - Morlanos The Chronicles of Guiamo Durmius Stolo Book 3 - click here
                       - Inis Emain Ablach  The Chronicles of Guiamo Durmius Stolo Book 4 - click here
Birdy, Chris - The Girl in White Pajamas - click here
                       The Girl in Black Pajamas - click here
                       The Girl in Red Pajamas - click here
Borissova, Borislava  -  Affairs of the Heart - click here
Bosniak, Kanta  -  Abundance Triggers - click here
                             Abundance Triggers CD / Coloring Book - click here
                             Twin Flames / Love Collection - click here
                             Welcome to the World Book & Coloring Book - click here
Bowden, Brett L  -  Letters From Your Future  -  click here
Bowes, Dianna - The Fabulous@50 Re-Experience - click here
Brown, Deborah  -  Crazy in Paradise - click here
                                Deception in Paradise - click here
                                Murder in Paradise - click here
                                Trouble in Paradise - click here
                                Greed in Paradise - click here
                                Revenge in Paradise - click here
                                Kidnapped in Paradise - click here
                                Swindled in Paradise - click here
                                Executed in Paradise - click here
                                Hurricane in Paradise - click here
Brown, Natasha S - Scars (Time of Myths: Shapeshifter Sagas) - click here
                              - Tides (Time of Myths: Shapeshifter Sagas) - click here 
                              - Outsider (Time of Myths: Shapeshifter Sagas) - click here
Brunner, Barbara Boswell  -  Dog-Ma the Zen of Slobber - click here
Burgener, Dr Jerry  -  Desert Journey  -  click here
                                  Return to the Desert  -  click here
Burnett, David  -  The Handfasting  -  click here
                              To Fall in Love Again - click here
                              Those Children Are Ours - click here
                              Once and Future Wife - click here
                              Between Heaven and Hell - click here
                              Just Three Dates - click here 
Bussel, Donald  -  Fluffy's Guardian Angel  -  click here
Byrne, Rhonda  -  Secret, The Power  -  click here
Byron, Betty (with Cassius Mullen)  -  Within The Walls Of Santo Tomas  -  click here  
                                                           -  The Iris Covenant  -  click here 
                                                           - Before The Belle - click here
Cano, Kim - On The Inside  -  click here
                     A Widow Redefined  -  click here
                     Eighty and Out - click here
                     His Secret Life - click here
Carmichael, Kathy- Chasing Charlie - click here
                                 Country Courtship - click here
                                 Hot Flash - click here
Castagna, D Chris  -  Shine in Kashmir  -  click here
Castaldo, Jerry  -  Brooklyn NY - A Grim Retrospective  -  click here
Castor, HM  -  VIII  -  click here
Cecchin, Michael  -  How To Drink While Dieting   -  click here
Cerqueira, João  -  The Tragedy of Fidel Castro  -  click here
                            - Jesus and Magdalene - click here
Colvin, Delia - The Sibylline Oracle Book 1 of The Sibylline Trilogy - click here
                       - The Symbolon Book 2 of The Sibylline Trilogy - click here
                       - The Last Oracle Book 3 of The Sibylline Trilogy - click here
                       - The Mists of Time Book 4 of The Sibylline Trilogy - click here
                       - The Haunted Heart of Rory O'Dannon - click here 
Connolly, Joe and Cathy  -  "If I Should Die Before My Dog --"  -  click here
Consiglio, Lisa Ryan - Renewal "Anytime" 10 Day Detox - click here 
                                   - Go Clean, Sexy You: A Seasonal Guide to Detoxing and Staying Healthy - click here
Costa, Rodolfo  -  Advice My Parents Gave Me and Other Lessons I Learned   -  click here
Cramer, Chad - Lights Out! Helping your kids overcome the fear of the dark - click here
Culbertson, Judi - A Photographic Death - click here
Cullum, Jim - Let Me Show You How I Love You - click here
Cyrulewski, Megan  -  Who Am I? How My Daughter Taught Me to Let Go and Live Again - click here
Dacolias, Ray  -  The Searcher  -  click here
Dahlen, KJ - The Prophet - The New Brotherhood - click here
Darby, Katy  -  The Whores Asylum  -  click here
DiSanto, Kathy - Amanda's Eyes  -  click here
Dominic, KV - Essential Reading and Study Guide - click here
Doran, Robert Thomas - A Prison of Lies - A Journey Through Madness - click here
Dorner, Lynne  -  101+ Secrets from Nutrition School that you need to know - click here
Dragon, Austin - Hollow Blood (Sleepy Hollow Horrors, Book 1) - click here
Duffe, Sahndra Fon - Yefon: The Red Necklace - click here
Eadon, Jack  -  Head Trip  -  click here
Ezekiel - The Inside-Out House - click here
Fant, Suren - Edge of End - click here
Fischman, Michael - Stumbling Into Infinity  -  click here
Flaven, Teresa  -  The Blackhope Enigma  -  click here
Fortner, Tama - Heroes and Villains of the Bible - click here
Foster, Melissa  -  Traces of Kara  -  click here
                              Have No Shame  -  click here
                              Lovers at Heart  -  click here
                              Destined for Love  -  click here
                              Catching Cassidy - click here
                              Discovering Delilah - click here
                              Where Petals Fall - click here
                              Bad Boys After Dark: Mick - click here
                              Tempting Tristan - click here
                             Tru Blue - click here 
                              Bad Boys After Dark: Dylan - click here
                              Bayside Desires - click here
                              Truly, Madly, Whiskey - click here
                              Bad Boys After Dark: Carson - click here
Fullbright - Lee - The Angry Woman Suite - click here
Garner, Deborah - Three Silver Doves - click here 
                              Mistletoe at Moonglow - click here
                              Hutchins Creek Cache (A Paige MacKenzie Mystery) - click here
Gavin, Andy - Untimed  -  click here
Gaynard, John J  -  The Imitation of Patsy Burke  -  click here
Gentilcore, Marlene  -  Justice Wanted  -  click here
Gibson, Geoffrey  -  The Taciturn Man  -  click here
Gold, Stuart Avery - ping: The Rescue of Eden - click here
Green, Diana - Bronze Fox - click here 
                         Miss Ridley & The Warlock - click here
Hallock, Rick  -  Evil Shadows  -  click here
Hamilton, Derald - The Call - click here
                          -  Twice Upon A Prequel  -  click here
Hammond, Charmaine - On Toby's Terms - click here 
Hammond, Charmaine (& Debra Kasowski)  -  GPS Your Best Life  -  click here
Hanrahan, Rosemary - When Dreams Touch - click here
Harman, Kelly McDermott - Did I Say That Out Loud - click here
Helenowski, Irene - Order of the Dimensions  -  click here
                              - Revised Orders - click here
                              - Final Orders - click here
Hilleren, D  -  Battered Earth - click here
Hodgetts, Eileen Enwright - The Whirlpool - click here
                                            - Afric - click here
Holloway, GK  -  1066 What Fates Impose - click here
Hollyday, Thomas - Terror Flower - click here
                                 Powerboat Racer - click here
                                 Gold  -  click here 
                                 Slave Graves  -  click here
                                 China Jewel - click here
                                 Magnolia Gods - click here
Hoodwin, Shepherd  -  Enlightenment For Nitwits  -  click here
Hubbard, L.Ron - Track Soldier/Phantom Patrol - click here
Hudis, Lindy S  -  Crashers  -  click here
Hurley, Michael - The Prodigal - click here
                           - The Vineyard - click here
Jackson, Lee - Curse The Moon Cold War Rising  - click here
Jenkins, A L  -  Every Natural Fact  -  click here
Jones, Lori M - Late For Fate - click here
Jones, R A  -  The Obsidian Pebble - click here
Jones, Sandra, Y G - #Apprehended Phil 3:12 - click here
Jorgensen, Edmund  -  Speculation  -  click here
Kamm, Kurt  -  Code Blood  -  click here
                         Hazardous Material  -  click here
                         The Lizards Tale - click here
Kasenow, Michael  -  View From The Edge  -  click here
Kats, Jewels and Claudia Marie Lenart (Illustrator) - Prince Preemie: A Tale of a Tiny Puppy Who Arrives Early - click here
Knight, David - I Am I - The In-Dweller of Your Heart  -  click here
Kocialski, Cynthia - Out of the Classroom - Lessons in Success  -  click here
Kornell, Keith  -  Super Born - Seduction of Being  -  click here
Kraemer, Richard 'Dick' W - Dyslexic Dick-The Marine Corps - click here
Land, Marilyn S  -  Clattering Sparrows  -  click here
Lukkoor, Raji  -  Inner Pilgrimage - Ten Days to a Mindful Me - click here
Lynch, Jacqueline T  -  Meet Me in Nuthatch  -  click here
                                   -  Myths Of The Modern Man  -  click here
McAllion, Kevin - Moristoun - click here
McClaine, Monty J - Santa's Rescue Dog (Super Speed Sam Book 5) - click here
McDonald, Daniel Thomas  -  Courage Comes: Tale 1 The Butchery and Books Saga - click here
McFarren, Kaylin  -  Severed Threads  -  click here
McIntosh, Gordon N  -  The Lagarto Stone  -  click here
                                       Death's Crooked Shadow  -  click here
McMenamin, Michael and Patrick  -  The Parsifal Pursuit  -  click here
                                                         The Gemini Agenda  -  click here
McWhinney, James - The Wellbeing Revolution - click here
Marigny, Gerard de - The Watchman of Ephraim - click here
                                   Signs of War  - click here
                                   Rise to the Call  -  click here 
                                   Project 111  -  click here
Marquette, April Alisa - Absolution  -  click here
                                      Turnabout  -  click here
Marvel, Robin  -  Awakening Consciousness  -  click here
Masse, Stephen V  -  The Taste of Snow  -  click here
Mayfield, Katherine - The Box of Daughter Memoir  - click here
Merlino, Stephen C - Jack of Souls - click here
Meshal, Sheri  -  Swallowtail  -  click here
                         - Chokecherry - click here
Milner, Andrew - Card School - click here
Moore, John Rixey - Hostage Of Paradox - A Qualmish Disclosure - click here
                                - Company of Stone - A Memoir - click here
Munro, Jane Bennett  -  Murder Under the Microscope  -  click here
Mymimisays Personalised Books  -  click here
Neal, Buffi - Wonderfully Dysfuctional, it must be genetic - click here
Nehamen, Dennis A - Mistaken Enemy, A Zach Miller Thriller - click here
Nettelhorst, R P  -  A Year With Jesus  -  click here
Nutt, Hazel  -  What Squirrels Do Trilogy  -  click here
Nykanen, G - The Point - click here
O'brien, Johnny - Jack Christie Books 1 / 2 / 3  -  click here
Ortiz, Monica - Universe 101: Learn Grow Evolve - click here
Page, Christian - Monster Squad - The Iron Golem - click here
Pashko, Danelle - Smile at your Challenges - click here
Pelaccia, Francesca - The Witch's Salvation - click here
Pereira, Elaine C - I Will Never Forget - click here
Pellegrini, Jason - The Replacement - click here
Poleskie, Stephen - Acorns Card - click here
Poole, Janet  -  How to get anything you want - Just Like That !!  -  click here
Pourasgari, Homa  -  Dawn of Saudi - In Search of Freedom  -  click here
                                 Lemon Curd  -  click here
Purdon, Nick  -  The Road-Shaped Heart  -  click here
Raab, Diana - Writing For Bliss: A Seven-Step Program for Telling Your Story and Transforming Your Life - click here 
Rhodes, Jeane  -  The Birth of Hope -  click here
Richardson, Doug - The Safety Expert - click here
Ritoban, Chakrabarti - When She Smiled - click here
Robinson Jr, James - The Long Goodbye - click here
Ryan, Russ - It's Just A Dog - click here
Sanders, Ashley - Facing Demons - click here
Scotti, Jenny - The Bridesmaid - click here
Seldon, Bob - Don't: How Using the Right Words Will Change Your Life - click here
Shaw, John Thomas  -  The Rx Factor  -  click here
Shepard, Glenn - Not For Profit - click here
Shockley, Sarah Anne - The Pain Companion: Everyday Wisdom for Living With and Moving Beyond Chronic Pain click here
Shoop, Kathleen - The Last Letter - click here
                              After the Fog - click here
                              The Road Home - click here
Sinor, Barbara - Finding Destiny - click here
Solka, Marie - My Dream Man - click here
Spriggs, CE - Johnson Road - click here
Spriggs, LL - The Dissector - click here
Staley, SR  -  A Warriors Soul - click here
Stearns, Maureen  -  Multiply and Divide with Sticks and Steps  -  click here
Stebbins, Eric - The Ragnarök Conspiracy - click here
                          Extraordinary Retribution - click here
                          The Anonymous Signal - click here
Stempel, Jim - Windmill Point - click here
Stone, Cary Allen  -  After the Evil: A Jake Roberts Novel - click here
                                  Mind Over Murder: A Jake Roberts Novel - click here
                                  After the Goode: A Jake Roberts Novel - click here
                                  After the Kill: A Jake Roberts Novel  - click here
                                  After Your Dead: A Jake Roberts Novel - click here
Strand, Joyce T - Fair Disclosure - click here
                          - Hilltop Sunset - click here
                          - The Judge's Story - click here
                          - Landscape for Murder - A Brynn Bancroft Mystery - click here
                          - Overcast Sunset - A Brynn Bancroft Mystery - click here 
Sutton, Maria - The Night Sky A Journey from Dachau to Denver and Back - click here
Taibah, Maram - The Road To Elephants - click here
Taylor, Sara - Filter Shift - How Effective People SEE the World - click here
Tisdall, Laura - Echoes - click here
Toshack, H S  -  The Meerkat Wars  -  click here
Vanderslice, John - click here
Violante, Susan  -  Innocent War - Behind An Immigrants Past  -  click here
Wangu, Madhu Bazaz - Chance Meetings - click here
                                    - The Immigrant Wife: Her Spiritual Journey - click here
Watson, Irene  -  The Sitting Swing. Finding Wisdom to Know the Difference  -  click here
                            Rewriting Life Scripts - click here
                            The Story That Must Be Told  -  click here
 & Victor R Volkman - The Story That Must Be Told  -  click here
Weidenbenner, Michelle - Scattered Links  -  click here
                                         - Eclair Goes to Stella's - click here
                                         - Cache a Predator - click here
Wing, Diana - The Happiness Perspective: Seeing Your Life Differently - click here
Withers, Jennie - Hey Back Off!! Tips for Stopping Teen Harassment  -  click here
Wreford, Michael - Kill with a borrowed knife: or Agent Al - click here
Young, Cody - Johnny Doesn't Drink Champagne  -  click here
Zelinger, Laurie and Ann Israeli - Please Explain Terrorism to Me: A Story for Children, P-E-A-R-L-S of Wisdom for Their Parents - click here

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  1. Great page! Best organized review site I've seen. Love Beck Valley Books!

  2. I love how readers can click here to find books and reviews for a specific author. Well done! Beck Valley Tours is a class act group!

  3. I've always found Beck Valley Books both informative and easy to deal with . Unbiased, honest reviews. Love the new look of the website too.

  4. Sharon,

    Thank you for the wonderful review you posted of The Resurrection of Hannah. I'm glad that you found it a suspenseful read! And your review was very well written, detailed and thoughtful. I'm sure I'll be in touch soon as the tour continues :)

    Kathryne Arnold

  5. Sharon,
    I am so pleased with for the excellent, well thought out and descriptive review of my second novel, The Fear of Things to Come. I enjoyed reading all of the detailed and positive comments about the book, knowing that it gives potential readers a real idea of what to expect. You are very professional, efficient and helpful every time I've had contact with you, so I've really enjoyed getting to know you and the high quality reviews and promotional work that you provide.
    Kathryne Arnold

  6. My book was reviewed last year, but it's still listed here. It's wonderful to see that the reviews of The Witch's Salvation are still accessible with one click of the link. Thank you, Sharon.

  7. The detailed reviews of all my books are incredible! The reviewers and you, Sharon, do a such an fabulous job of offering rich, layered critiques without giving away the plots. Thank you, Sharon! Beck Valley is a fantastic resource for authors and readers! I wouldn't plan a launch without you!

  8. This site is one of the truly great as well as respected reviewers of independent publishers. It carries the 5 star rating of the Book Reviewer Yellow Pages and is listed as "highly influential for thrillers." All of us in the writing business know how hard it is to get attention. Beck Valley not only cares about us but its quality reviews draw significant profitable attention from readers in the all important EBook marketplace.

  9. I think the reviews from Beck Valley bloggers are a tremendous help for book buyers. They are detailed without giving away plot, and most importantly, honest. Sharon is one of the most organized people I've ever worked with and I plan to use Beck Valley Tours for every book launch.

  10. We were so pleased with our first book tour with Beck Valley for "If I Should Die Before My Dog" that we did a second tour. Sharon is wonderful to work with. Her honest reviews and amazing organization skills make an authors book tour easy and enjoyable. We highly recommend her for any author for booking a tour.

  11. Sharon and her husband are the best! They showed interest in my Cris De Niro series from the time I first started publishing. They contacted me directly and over the course of our email communications, we became friends. Their reviews were thoughtful and inciteful for readers and for this humble writer. p.s. Hollywood came calling, all praise to Him! One of the first things the producers told me was that they had read some very thoughtful reviews, which piqued their interest. One of the reviews they read was the one posted by BeckValleyBooks! So, BRAVO Sharon and hubby and BVB!!! I will certainly come to your store when we do the movie's promotion tour!! Blessings, GdeM

    1. What absolutely awesome news to hear, that's made our day, Congratulations !!

  12. I have done two blog tours with Beck Valley Books, one for my children's' book and the other for a personal development book. The tour was extremely well organized, the bloggers that BVB chose for our tour were a perfect fit, and the reviews were thorough, honest and helpful to future readers. I would definitely work with Beck Valley Books on a blog tour or book review again. Charmaine Hammond, author On Toby's Terms, Toby the Pet Therapy Dog series, and, GPS Your Best Life (co-author).

  13. beck valley books are really cool..


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