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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Guest Review for Valentia Even Glow Serum


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'"Wonderful Stuff" reviews Afrikan Girl Answers

Afrikan Girl Answers had the chance of reviewing the Valentia Even Glow Serum for a number of weeks.  After using it they were really pleased how their skin felt so smooth and how it shone. The serum was quickly absorbed into the skin when using leaving no residue.

With 98% Natural Ingredients the Even Glow Serum is designed to repair, refresh, and renew your skin; restoring evenness to your complexion.

Each of the natural ingredients used was chosen to support and enhance the 20% Vitamin C base efficacy on the skin, leading to more well-rounded serum to add to your daily skin care ritual.

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Vitamin C
Organic Rosehip Seed Oil & Organic Sea Buckthorn Oil
Resistem (Plant Stem Cells)
Hyaluronic Acid (Botanical)
Green Tea Extract

Key ingredients chosen specifically to enhance Vitamin C efficiancy on the skin

Vitamin C: With a 20% concentration does more than boost the body’s immune system; it also provides many benefits to keep the skin tight, smooth and looking ageless. Vitamin C has been scientifically proven to reduces the effects of sun exposure on the skin, including sunburn, sun spots, redness and wrinkles.

In addition to helping reduce the signs of aging, Vitamin C is essential for everyday maintenance to strengthen and smooth out the skin, as well as neutralizing free radicals before they can damage the skin.

ORGANIC ROSEHIP SEED OIL & ORGANIC SEA BUCKTHORN OIL - These oils promote skin hydration and lock in moisture to protect your skin from signs of aging and improve its beauty and youthfulness. Rosehip Oil specifically has been used in medical communities around the world for those with serious skin ailments and only recently has North America learned to embrace natural solutions from our ancestors. These two organic oils are full of antioxidants and therefore act as the perfect supporting cast for our best friend - Vitamin C

RESISTEM (Plant Stem Cells) - This provides the perfect mix of protection from stress-related aging and promotes skin detoxification. Resistem will help your skin regenerate faster while protecting it from environmental stressors.

HYALURONIC ACID(Botanical) - Holding up to 1000 times its weight in water and drawing moisture out of the environment and onto the surface of your skin ,there is not a more effective moisturizing agent on the market today. Penetrates deeply, and actives collagen production for a fresher, younger, firmer, and brighter complexion

GREEN TEA EXTRACT- The catechins in green tea are a potent antioxidant which also contribute to the overall anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant benefits of this ancient health and beauty secret.

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Sharon x

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  1. My skin tone definitely needs evening - I'll check this out!

  2. Sounds like a great product and with wrinkles becoming part of my future - probably something I should think about purchasing.

  3. I've heard a lot of good things about Vitamin C, but I haven't tried it yet. This sounds great!

  4. I did use this for a while-but I do not have wrinkles (knock on wood). My Mom does and lots of them so I handed her the bottle--IT WORKS!!!!

  5. I think most of us can appreciate the targeted benefits of a serum. This sounds fab!

  6. This sounds like an awesome serum indeed. I will have to put this on my Christmas list. I love that is all natural too. Thanks for sharing,.


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