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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Guest post from author of Do I Bother You At Night, Troy Aaron Ratliff plus Caseable Kindle Folio Giveaway


Do I Bother You at Night_Ebook
Do I Bother You At Night is Celebrating It's One Year Anniversary On October 4th! 

To thank all his loyal readers Troy is giving away a Caseable Kindle Folio from his new online store Tribal Style Design to one reader during the blast! 
Book Blurb: 
They say nothing ever happens in Kansas. Sylvester Petersen used to think so too. That is, until a mysterious new neighbor moves in next door, seemingly out of nowhere. His handful of friends – people who tried to help him cope with the sudden death of his wife – think that it might be an opportunity for him to get reacquainted with the world outside his farmhouse and to build a new relationship with his neighbor. But that idea is soon snuffed out as strange events begin to happen around him. None of them wrong. Just strange: driving in the middle of the night, the sulfur-like odor coming off of him, the fact he doesn’t talk to anyone in the area. And what about that dog? Sylvester chooses the logical explanation and ignores the peculiar behavior. But when other oddities start to happen – the kind that affects Sylvester directly – he begins to worry. His reasoning dwindles and his growing fear points to his neighbor. Where is that stray dog going? After enough time, Sylvester starts to see and hear what the people of the area have been muttering about: Unexplainable blue light, corn crops moving on their own…the slaughtered cattle entirely too close to home. And that stray dog that keeps getting fatter and fatter… At the peak of summer, and with the walls closing in, Sylvester experiences something that will take him to the brink and haunt you forever. Bathed in loss, terror and human spirit, Do I Bother You at Night? will be a story you won’t forget and one that will give you a few restless evenings of your own. Love thy neighbor. "Do I Bother You At Night? by Troy Aaron Ratliff not only can be put on a list of one of my favorite frightening stories, it climbs near the peak of the mountain. Things happen in this story that made even a reader as jaded and hard to impress as me jump in my seat." - Alex Kimmell, author of The Key To Everything "As we know from his short fiction, Troy Aaron Ratliff revels - to our colorful benefit - in turning the ordinary on its head, often in terrifyingly plausible ways. In this, his first novel, he stretches into the realm of the supernatural, but of course, it continues to feel just as plausible because of the vivid characters at the heart of the story. Do I Bother You at Night? will stay with you for many nights." Mike Robinson, Author of The Prince of Earth and The Green-Eyed Monster

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the uninvited guestTroy's Short Story The Uninvited Guest Will be FREE on Amazon Oct. 14th - 18th!
When teenagers Harland Jacobs and Jose Rodriguez crashed a wedding, they weren’t doing anything terribly wrong. Jose only came because his nagging mother made him. Harlan only joined him to make it tolerable for his friend - and the free food, the girls and the dancing, of course. And they took full advantage too, eating, laughing at the guests behind their backs, and in the end, were planning to make complete fools of themselves. Why not? What did they have to lose? But they never dreamed this wedding would have taken such a staggeringly horrific turn. They never dreamed they would be fighting for their lives in this lodge tucked away in the woods. They never dreamed they would have heard so much screaming on a wedding day either.

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troy free

Troy's Short Story Little Bernie's Map Will Be FREE On Amazon Oct 24th - 28th
The world is a funny place with funny people and some things just happen for no reason at all. Still, every family deserves a vacation, a break, even when times are tough and backs are against the wall. Daniel, a recently out-of-work family man, is returning home with his wife and child from a lovely prescheduled vacation before they must face the harsh reality back home. What they would never have expected was the surreal nightmare they would experience on their journey back.

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Guest Post from the author
Some of you reading this post have experienced the incredible feeling that overcame me last October, and this past year. Generally, Octobers bring a building urgency in my creative spheres of thought and focus with the Nanowrimo competition just around the corner in November, fulfilling writing ambitions and challenging not only writing skill, as well as typing speed, but imagination and organization skills that would make Phil Hartman's Anal Retentive Chef blush. Last October was a little more special for me…

Okay, wrong. It was a LOT more special for me. On October 4th, 2013, I self-published my first novel of literary horror, Do I Bother You at Night?

So, yeah. There’s THAT.

Many non-writers don’t understand how much work goes into writing and creating a novel that lifts your pride into the stratosphere, lights your soul on fire, and in the end, speaks to you like your own personal Morgan Freeman.

Okay, absolutely, great. Here's the thing: that subject of how much work goes into publishing a novel has been talked about to death on every blog under the sun. What I want to touch upon is the therapeutic, wonderful, and exhilarating sensation writers gain during and after such work.

Because, while it is work, there’s a familiar enjoyment and pleasure in writing - like coming back to a favorite lover, or slipping into an old pair of shoes. The pleasure can stretch over weeks, months, years, and a lifetime afterward if you have sustainable fans and readers who crave your work and, of course, implement your active, well-used, and well-loved imagination. Then again, even if you don't and it's one and done for you, you've still earned an Achievement Badge on your Merit Badge Sash of Life: Novel Writing.

What made me want to be a writer? Honestly, since I’ve been doing this for over twenty years now, I’ve long since forgotten what exactly drove me down the path of a struggling scribbler. I’ve always blamed King and Crichton for lighting the canon, but that’s a cheap copout and not very sexy considering the years I’ve put into it, and now - be still my beating heart - how long I’ve been a self-published author to the public.

But isn't that the answer? That building culmination of feelings and emotions and expressions trying to get out? Or, better yet, after it’s out, falling in love with it? Think about that for a second. Falling in love your own writing. Being proud of it, flaunting it, showing it off to that jerk you went to high school with, and blowing your own damn mind that you created this. So, there's really no pinpoint moment. It was always in there. It just…leaked out…a little bit at a time.

But what kept that leak going, or better yet, what possessed me to never plug it? What was it that drew me back to the keyboard year after year, decade after decade with rejection letters and stories forming digital dust mite villages on the hard drive? I’ll tell you. It was that exhilaration when I saw the story coming together after pages upon pages of weaving and sewing together plot and themes and ideas and moods. Or when I gave a quirky, but endearing trait to a character with which you, and hopefully every one of my readers, can identify. It’s the goosebumps the first time I saw my book cover. It’s in my smile when I see the reviews my work is earning after years upon years of quietly scribbling away and never knowing what people would think of it. It’s the thrill in reading an amazing, life-shifting piece of a fiction that gets in my face, pokes me in the chest, and barks, “Hey! Think you can beat me? Are you up for the challenge? Try it.”

And I did. I took the challenge. And I’ll keep taking it, each time a little wiser in the execution and publication to make my stories better, to reach more people, and to grow to become a 21st Century writer. I want to fight for that satisfaction, that achievement, that hallowed merit badge.

That's why Do I Bother You At Night? is my first effort, but it won’t be my last.

About the author:

troyTroy Aaron Ratliff was born and raised in Hamilton, Ohio and self educated in writing, art, photography, and voice impersonations. When he's not reading, writing, sketching, or cooking up his next monstrosity, you can generally find him defending the galaxy from the forces of evil, feeding hippopotamuses, dining with foreign dignitaries and Zen masters, waking up to his supermodel wife, altering the space-time inter-dimensional warp or, more than likely, stuck in traffic somewhere in Southern California on his magic carpet.

Find Troy on:

Website | Google+ | Literary Addicts | Goodreads | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

Check out the Book Trailer

Author Interview with Troy

Troy is giving away any choice from the following link of Caseable Kindle Folio from his new online store Tribal Style Design to one reader during the blast. teal_mandala_cases_for_the_kindle-r8e8423469885444cbe16f698c63d3555_ftd28_8byvr_324 
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