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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Our Classy New Bathroom is now complete !!

It's done, all finished, big sigh of relief !!

One of the rooms you put off doing is the dreaded bathroom, in fact we did put it off until the very last minute.  It's not just the fact the you have to do without a bathroom while it's getting done , it's trying to find the suite you want, the planning and the chaos it all creates.

We took the first step and decided to drive round the industrial estates to look at the bathroom suites available.  I really wanted a slipper bath but my plan was to have it sat on the floor. I didn't want the claw feet design.  Well we searched and searched and not one bath was right.  We gave up that day and decided to head for home.  

Hubbie had been insisting that we should have a quick look in the kitchen and bathroom store around the corner from us but I didn't see the point if we couldn't find anything in the larger stores. Boy was I SO wrong.  We walked into the store and there it was waiting for us, yes it had the claw feet but somehow that didn't seem to matter anymore and sat right next to it was the most gorgeous old fashioned bathroom pedestal I had seen.  The 'I told you so' look on hubbie's face was very plain to see.

Not only did we find the suite we loved so much they also provided the installation and all works needed to ensure our new bathroom looked amazing and at an affordable price too.  All the work from one company and less headache for us.

Now the work is all over it was certainly worth it in the end, we love it.  A smile appears each time I enter, all upheaval completely forgotten about.  Hope you like it too x
Free Standing Slipper Bath from Billingham Kitchens

Free Standing Wrought Iron & Granite Pedestal from Billingham Kitchens

Charcoal Meloni Floor Tiles 330 x 330mm from B & Q

Those little extra touches.....

Live, Laugh, Love in white from The Range

White Corner Caddy from Ikea

Soft Egyptian Cotton Towels in cream from Dunelm

Sharon x

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  1. Oh wow, that bath is fab. Imagine crawling in after a long hard day at work.

  2. I love freestanding baths & your new sink is beautiful <3 I'm a new follower & looking forward to reading more ^__^

    Pixee @ Humane Beings xx

  3. Oh my god that bath is incredible! We've just bought a house and the bathroom is pretty drab looking atm! x

  4. It looks beautiful. We have a free standing bath like this, and it is the most amazing way to have a proper soak.


  5. Wow, it looks amazing. I have always wanted one of those bathes.

  6. I would LOVE an old fashioned BIG claw footed bath tub from years past--the slipper design makes it easier to read while on the tub. My tiny apartment bathroom would never fit what I would really like (imagine tears rolling down my face) so I will have to continue reading in bed snuggled under the covers.

    1. nothing beats snuggling up in bed with a book !! :-)

  7. I think it turned out awesome! I redid my bathroom last year and it was horrible since we only have 1 bathroom in my house and we did it as we were potty training our youngest. Big headache lol, but now that its done I love it.... I wont fib I"m kinda wishing I would have gotten the same tub as you lol

  8. Your bathroom is really lovely! I just love that old claw foot tub, and the sink is just perfect! Lucky gal.

    1. Wish I was lucky, I'll still be paying it off when I'm old and grey lol !! (well a bit more grayer anyway :-)

  9. I love that clawfoot tub and the minimalist look. So fresh, clean and beautiful!

  10. Looks great! Looks like a place I can soak and get some rest in!

  11. It's beautiful! We're almost done renovating our main bathroom too.

  12. I love this bathroom. I love all the decor and the style. Thanks for sharing.

  13. This looks so beautiful! I love this bathroom - I love the tub

  14. Really funky bath and sink unit. Love the black and white minimalist theme. I think it would be nice to keep the toiletries hidden away though, perhaps in a white bathroom storage locker.

  15. I love the way you did it, especially the brick detail - looks amazing! I'm also planning to renovate my bathroom. I was thinking about getting wet rooms aberdeen instead of a standard bathtub, but what would happen to all my bubble baths?


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