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Monday, September 29, 2014

Trying out the Ozeri Digital Pedometer

Our first step to improve our lifestyle has officially started, when we were asked to try out the Ozeri Digital Pedometer, although hubbie decided that he would be the one to try and review this time!!

What an amazing little gadget, lightweight, easy to use and you will want to use it every day. Since I received this product it has made a difference to my life.  I never realised how far I walked on a daily basis or how many calories I used doing it. Every minute of the my working day it is in my pocket (yes that easy) and is recording my mileage. The beauty of having something so slim and lightweight is you can have a peak without being told off, like you are with your mobile phone. 

After using and showing a colleague the product we are now having a daily challenge to see who is doing the most steps adding a bit of fun and competition to the working day.

The information that this gadget holds is amazing ....
  •         number of steps taken
  •         calories used
  •         miles walked
  •         time it has taken
  •         total mph
  •         running total from past days of each category
At the end of the day it stores that information and then keeps a running total.  You can also go back each day to remind yourself .  If you like simple gadgets that can make a difference to your lifestyle and adds a fun factor this is the product for you. 

With the information of how many calories you have used walking it does make you think about the food and drink you absorb and since using this device for 8 days, I have lost 2lb in weight and have started walking to work which again is improving my health.

If I have not yet convinced you to use this product hopefully the information of my personal record will from the week of using it.

TOTAL STEPS          77130 

TOTAL MILES           36,52 
TOTAL TIME             834 minutes 

An excellent product which will make a difference to your overall lifestyle.

Available at

Sharon x

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  1. I definitely could have used this at my last job--if only to prove that I walked miles each day in the office. I should actually get one of these since I am not very active anymore-maybe this would get me moving!

  2. I had several cheapos and they did not last very long. I was looking for something more like this can is durable. Thanks for the tip!

  3. You did a great job last week! I need a gadget like this that will tell me how well I am doing each week instead of a guessing game like I usually do.

  4. This sounds like a fab pedometer. It has reminded me that my one broke ages ago, so I need to get a new one as it's so interesting seeing how many steps I end up walking, without even realising! x

  5. What a great device for keeping track of your steps. I like that it totals from past days of each category.

  6. Oh wow this looks great! Such a great way to stay in shape and keep fit too! x

  7. I've never seen one with a split feature. That's a really neat feature!


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