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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

No athletics this weekend, yet they still have time to add to their sports shopping list !!

As you are all aware we have two budding teenage athlete's in the family, the last couple of weeks have been really busy with track events going on but it has been really nice to have a sports free weekend for once. Training is still going on as usual so no stopping with all the washing unfortunately.

Psyching up before his event !
Wonderful British weather !
With more time on their hands they've been searching online for a special Father's Day gift and yet somehow ended up with something else to add on to their sports shopping list.  Probably I am partly to blame as I suggested they look for a nice watch for their Dad as a lovely gift.  They headed over to The Watch Hut as there is currently a 50% sale going on.  So what did they choose ......

Before they even got to show me Dad's Father's Day present, they had to show me the Puma sports watch they had found.  Time is one of the most important goals in running, always trying to beat your personal best which is why a stopwatch is so important and with the digital being easy to read too.  Having the water resistant with our British weather is also a good thing as they run round the track in all weathers.  With the heat of running its very easy to begin to sweat and itch around a watch strap so having this resin case and strap is also a big plus. The watch is currently £47 so plenty of saving up on their part.

And for Dad.....


They chose a lovely simple yet stylish Fossil watch, with a cream dial, brown leather strap and stainless steel case, I was pleasantly surprised.  I hadn't given them a budget, which I should have, but was pleased to see that the cost was only £62. So well done boys, although personally I would have looked in the sale section first as there is a similar watch, Sekonda Gents watch for only £24 but that's just many many years of shopping wisdom.

To connect with The Watch Hut too you can find them also on Facebook,  Twitter, Google+, Pinterest

Sharon x

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  1. They have fab watches don't they....I have just been browsing the website to pick a fathers day gift too :)
    Your boys choose well!

  2. the sports watch sounds great and sounds like it would rally help their training x

  3. I do like the watch they picked out for their Dad-but then I've always been partial to Fossil watches. Hum-did you end up buying one or two of the sport watches since both boys are runners. That watch looks like it will stand up to a beating and keep running so maybe you can look at it as a long time investment for them?

    1. One each as always lol, they have some saving to do !

  4. Great choice of watches and I'm glad you posted that as I need to get a watch as a gift, now I know where to look, yaaaayyyy ;-)

  5. I love the sports watch and them colors are awesome. Thanks for sharing.

  6. That athletic watch is really cool - I love all the different functions! Surely it will help in their training and performance!

  7. I used to be a massive sports player on a hockey team and watches like these ones would have been brilliant! Paige xo | A Paige At A Time

  8. Great choices! I will have to keep that website in mind my partner loves watches.



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