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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Book Review - The Road-Shaped Heart by Nick Purdon

Book Review

The Road-Shaped Heart
by Nick Purdon
About the Author
Nick Purdon was born in 1976 in East London in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa. After a few moves around the country, his family settled in the Western Cape city of Cape Town in 1981 where he has lived since. Nick began writing poetry seriously at the age of 27, though he had been writing on-and-off since his teenage years.

His poetry embraces the joys and sorrows of life with passion and intensity.

Book Description
The Road-Shaped Heart is the poetic journey of a man winding his way through a landscape of darkness, anguish, addiction, loss and grief; carrying with him a lantern of hope, courage, idealism and love to illuminate a pathway to self-forgiveness, acceptance and spiritual growth. While often haunting and melancholy, the poems are also rich in vivid colour and imagery, with an ever-present sense of fire lilies relentlessly springing forth from a razed and scorched soul.

Roses Amongst A December Of Thorns
December’s thorns
Tear my hand; the crimson
Grip stains these
White-knuckle days

I will not accept this flower’s touch:

The finest china of a terrible sadness

And crushed to powder it leaves shards
Rendering palms unreadable, unbelievable.

A glide of knives on twisted stems:
Dead stars to holly-hook my flesh.
A sweet scent has turned astringent 

A vase of roses left on a bedside table – 

Twelve bruised eyes pool in a fractured mirror.
by Nick Purdon

Our Book Review
A very deep and concise verse of poetry portraying the author's innermost thoughts and feelings, each poem sensitively written from the heart by the author.

The poems carry their own story and is up to the reader, like any good poem, how to interpret the moral and message that is given. Every emotion is felt as you work your way through the book.  To fully appreciate and understand where the writer is coming from, you need take a time out and read these when you are in a contemplative mood.

The descriptive poetry is accompanied by black and white illustrations by Felicity Purdon adding to the message within each poem in which the poet wants you to see.

One poem in particular I liked was 'A Sunday Afternoon', when we rarely get a chance to go out as a family, due to sporting commitments, we have the CD on in the car as we head for the coast and the picture in the book is a perfect image of our favourite little fishing village, Staithes.

Even though the book has 25 poems it will touch you emotionally and in busy times might even slow you down to contemplate what you have just read and make you that little bit calmer.

Our Rating



  1. Sometimes we need to slow down and really read poetry to ground us, and make us appreciate all that is around us!

  2. Thank you for this! just what i needed!

  3. Poetry can be hard, but this book sounds like it will make you think on a different level, reflecting not only the author's emotions, but causing one to be real about our own. The small glimpse of his work makes me want to read more.

  4. Poetry is a tough one for me sometimes. I know that poets have a unique way of looking at life and it sometimes goes over my head. (unfortunately). When I do focus on a poem though I am always rewarded by the emotions that it brings to the surface!

  5. I love books like this! I can't wait to check this one out. Great review--I had never heard of this author!

  6. Sounds very deep and personal. He also sounds like there is a lot anguish in his life!

  7. Personally, I really enjoy a good book of poetry and a cup of tea! It sounds like as book that really lets you in on his private and innermost thoughts. I hope that the overall message rings more of hope than despair, though!

  8. Sounds wonderful! I love reading poetry. Thanks so much for sharing this book.

  9. I absolutely reading poetry! It just sticks with me! I will definitely check this out. Thank you!

  10. I always have enjoyed reading poetry- and def. will look into this one!

  11. I loved the poem that I read and reading the book description has captured my interest as well. Sounds like a wonderful treasure

  12. I love reading this type of raw emotion! Sounds like a fabulous read.

  13. Thank you for the lovely review!! :-)


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