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Sunday, January 13, 2013

New Year, New Term - Student Savings on Textbooks


Start of a brand new year and many students have or will be returning for a new term of school, bringing with it a new headache for them of searching for their required textbooks and having to spend what little of their hard earned money they have to buy them.  Luckily for me, my son's have yet to reach the age when they need to buy their own textbooks and I'm not really looking forward to the day they will have to start as the cost of some of them are frightening.

A textbook doesn't have to be new though, why pay full price when you can save money simply by either buying used or even renting them out for the specific period you need them for.  This is certainly something I am going to be looking at when it comes to the boys time.  Websites are now out there offering students a one stop shop for all their textbook needs, be it to buy or rent and helping you make sure every penny counts.  A great place to find out of print textbooks as well.
To save even more, before searching the textbook sites make sure you check coupon code sites first, such as PromoCode4Share, so you do not miss out on special offers and discounts or even free shipping.  Coupon code sites tend  to share promotions for a variety of sites, so you could end up saving more than you think.

I found some textbook offers for you to check out for sites and which are a both great places to start to look for the textbooks you need.  Choose between Free Shipping, 10% OFF and a chance to gain $50 Bonus simply by referring 5 friends.  The site also shows you which coupon codes have been successful and you can even share coupon codes that you have seen to other students.

When your course is completed remember that you can even sell you textbooks on these websites too in exchange for cash, not just credit.

 Promo Code 4 Share

Sharon x

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  1. Textbooks are so expensive. It's so important to find ways to save on something you don't need to keep very long!

  2. When I was a student, I remember how expensive textbooks were! Glad to hear students can save more these days :)

  3. I bought a lot of new books and it was a massive waste of money. Now all my college books make very expensive dust collectors.


  4. Great thing to share! My hubby is a college professor and he can tell you the prices have increased GREATLY in the past few years! Just too expensive!


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