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Saturday, January 5, 2013

His Top 5 Review Books of 2012

We have been really lucky this year to have had the chance of reviewing some great books and have been amazed at the quality of writing we have come across.  It has been a really difficult task to narrow down just our Top 5 books for both of us as almost all of them are worthy of a mention, but here goes......


1  The Call by Derald Hamilton  (also Twice Upon A Prequel)
The Call (Mass Market Paperback). By Derald HamiltonSatire and the supernatural blend together in this humorous but disturbing account of divinity school and the people who are drawn to answering the call to ministry.

The story is conveyed in the first person through the eyes of Ishmael O'Donnell, an observant young man who wrestles with familial dysfunction, possession by the spirit of his long-dead twin brother, and a quest for purification from both.

The book chronicles the events that lead up to his seeking out seminary as a means of attaining this purification. Upon his arrival at seminary and his three year journey through the curriculum, he finds himself engulfed in an unending torrent of duplicity, impertinence, and societal abnormalities within a communal setting of characters so driven, tenacious, over-the-top, and supercilious, it hurts.

The mocking inner voice of Ishmael's twin reverberates louder and louder as he desperately tries to come to grips with what is taking place about him, while discovering who he is within the confines of a cloistered setting he finds to be inundated with its own unique form of madness.

And when he finally does obtain the key to his purification... but such things are not revealed second hand. 

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2  Signs of War by Gerald de Marigny  (also Watchman of Ephraim)
Signs of War by Gerard deWith his bestselling debut political thriller, THE WATCHMAN OF EPHRAIM, Gerard de Marigny has burst upon the literary world stage with vigor and poise! Founding JarRyJorNo Publishing in January 2011, de Marigny dons many hats, that of publisher, graphic designer, marketer, as well as author. The result, so far, has been a sparkling debut novel that became a #1 Amazon Bestselling Geopolitical Thriller! BOOK II of de Marigny's CRIS DE NIRO series, SIGNS OF WAR was released in November 2011 and the author is already at work writing BOOK III, RISE TO THE CALL due out in spring 2012. 

In July '11, de Marigny sat down for an up-close and personal interview with talented Director Philip Norbert of Kingmaker Productions. Shot by famed Cinematographer Jay Nemeth of Flightline Films, the Q&A session has garnered over 10,000 viewers on YouTube, in only its first three months.

In his youth, de Marigny was the lead guitarist for 80's rock band, AMERICADE. Though the last lineup of the band broke up in 1995, de Marigny was approached by Aaron McCaslin, President of Retrospect Records, a label dedicated to promoting heavy rock bands from the 80's, offering a record contract. The result has become a remarkable 70-song, 4-CD boxed set branded, AMERICADENCE: 1980 ~ 1995 (which includes unreleased recordings) bringing back to life the entire musical catalog of AMERICADE."

Gerard de Marigny currently resides in the beautiful foothills surrounding Las Vegas, NV with his wife Lisa and their four sons. When he's not writing his novels, you'll find him bending an arm at a local pub with friends.

3  The Prophet - The New Brotherhood by K J Dahlen

After a three year search for a serial killer known as The Prophet, FBI agents Sean Sebastian and Rheta Morgan; both who have a personal reason to stop him, finally get a break and The Prophet is within their reach. Confrontation leads them to discover a secret network called the New Brotherhood and the more they find out about the New Brotherhood, the more determined they are to stop it. 

When The Prophet takes Rheta and Sean's sister hostage, the race is on to free them and bring down the Brotherhood.

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4  Rx Factor by J Thomas Shaw

The RX FactorFive years after the death of his wife and children, Ryan Matthews is living alone with memories of his failed career in cancer research when fellow scientist Jordan Carver catches his eye. Preparing for a move to Mexico, Jordan plans to open a clinic where terminal patients will have affordable access to experimental medication. Despite Ryan’s skepticism on her willingness to bypass the FDA drug approval process, he is intrigued by Jordan’s passion and determination to provide alternative care to terminal patients. But when a violent explosion leaves the small Bahamian island of Exuma on edge, Ryan knows his life has once again been forever altered.

Drawn together by circumstance, attraction, and shared ambition, Ryan and Jordan become united in their international quest for the truth. The two embark on an explosive thrill ride ending in Washington, D.C., where the couple unravels the country’s best-kept secret: the government will stop at nothing to maintain the American way of life, with heartbreak and sickness for all.

5  Head Trip by Jack Eadon
Head Trip

When two brothers are conceived a month apart--called superfetation--then are born eight months later, one of them is a full-term baby and one of them is a preemie. That anomalie affected their whole lives as one twin struggled to succeed and the other struggled to keep up. For various reasons they were envious of each other, and their journey became a real head trip, both literally and figuratively. It continually challenged them to understand their twin and the dynamic that shaped their lives.

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Sharon x

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  1. I thought about trying to figure out my top 5 favorites for the past year and couldn't narrow it down. I had several that I loved! (Fearless, Hunger Games, Short Straw Bride - just to name a few)!

    1. Tell me about it Sharon, I narrowed it down to eight which is quite good for me but still had to narrow it even further to 5. x

  2. I have no idea which my favorites were. It seems like I get finished with one and think... Oh... my favorite, then I read another one and think Oh, this one is the best!... So I cannot narrow it down either!

    1. Trust me it was hard for my top 5 I loved so many, posting Monday xx

  3. I loved the review on Head Trip! I didn't have much time for reading this past year, but going to make time in 2013. I think I will start with that book :)

    1. Great, you'll have to let me know your thoughts and I will tell the other half xx

  4. Great reviews and lists! Have some books to add to my reading list ... thanks!


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