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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Interview with Daniel Friedmann author of The Genesis One Code

Meet the Author

Daniel Friedmann is CEO of MDA Corp., specializing in robotics. He has a master's in 
engineering physics and 30 years' experience in the space industry. He has published more than 20 peer-reviewed scientific papers on space industry topics. He is also a longtime student of cosmology and religion. 

Interview with Author

What was the motivating factor to writing the book?
To become an engineer I studied engineering physics, which had a large physics and cosmology component. I realized then that some answers were missing in science, and continued to search for them both in science and in Kabbalah, which I began studying 13 years ago.

Why now?
Once my nephews entered high school and university, I found they had similar questions, and in discussions with them, I became motivated to work harder on the issues.

How long did it take to do the research, write the book, find a publisher and have it published?
I have worked on and off on the issue for a dozen or so years. However, once I focused on this topic it took about 18 months of dedicated work. The bulk of the writing occurred in parallel with the research as I tried to rigorously document what I was finding. Then it took a further few months to write the introductory and background chapters.

What was that process like?
Initially I searched for publishers that I thought would be interested in this topic and wrote individual letters to them - this was a slow process and produced no results. Then I found an online service to blast an email to 250 publishers that yielded interest from 20 or so, and finally 3 publishers and one agent were willing to go ahead with the book.  From the initial email blast to signing a publishing contract took about 2 months. The publishing process was quick, about 4 months, and very focused on editing and formatting. 

The book is organized from the perspective of time -- physical dynamics of the universe all the way to the human/anthropological. How did you choose how to order the book?
The order of the book was natural - I started at the beginning of time and then moved forward chronologically.

How did you pick the points to compare?
The chronology of Genesis and science agree for almost everything so it was straight forward to compare everything. The points of comparison focused on the events described in Genesis. Although science has a more detailed chronology Genesis contains the key highlights.

Who is the audience for this book, primarily?
My main target audience is the 14- to 30-year-olds that come out of our secular system believing science has all the answers and the Bible has become somewhat irrelevant at explaining our origins. I wanted them to know that the Bible actually has answers to questions that remain unanswered by science. Since I started writing the book, I have seen interest from all ages.

How has the book been received, both by those in the religious world and those in the scientific community?
The book is being well received by much of the religious world - although some of those that hold to a literal 6-day interpretation of Genesis have issues with it. The scientific community has not really engaged yet, although a number of scientists have read it and found it thought provoking.  Is there one big hurdle that stands in the way of reconciling creation with science or is it a series of mini-hurdles? Do you see society going towards a reconciliation – ever? Is there some aspect of the two that you cannot reconcile or that remains unanswered for you that you would like to explore in future, either in a follow-up book or in another format? Most items reconcile. The one exception is the age of the earth. The biblical timeline predicts a much older earth than science currently holds. The book discusses this in detail.  

The whole history of Homo sapiens is not dealt with in the book and is the subject of my next book - Adam and the Homo sapiens. I am happy to report that here too there is good agreement between our religious sources and the latest science.

What do you hope non-scientist/religious scholar readers will take away from your book?
My main hope is that they will look at the science presented in the book, take it seriously, not dismiss it, then feel a need to reconcile it with the Bible, and explain that reconciliation to our young adults. In this way young adults will see the Torah in agreement with observation of the creation made via the scientific method.

What has science failed to explain?
The central nugget of the book is that (1) Genesis clearly states that God made most of the universe and life using the powers of nature, and as such, we should not be surprised that we are able to understand most things through the scientific method; (2) the answers that science has recently found have been in our Scriptures/sources for thousands/hundreds of years; and (3) we are told in Genesis exactly where events  outside of nature occurred and therefore where the scientific method will fail – and that is where it has failed so far! For example, science has failed to explain the beginning of the Big Bang, or the nature and source for the human soul. 

Why did you write this book?
For much of my life I have searched for an explanation of our origins in both science and religion texts. When I discovered that the two explanations could be reconciled into a one I decided to share the result in a book.

What does The Genesis One Code mean?
The title “Genesis One” refers to the Bible, Chapter One of Genesis, which contains the creation account. The “Code” refers to a simple formula that translates one “creation day” into time as we measure it. With this formula, 1 creation day equals 2.56 billion years - derived from biblical text wherein science and religion timelines for the development of the universe and life on earth are equivalent. 

How does God Meet Science in your book?
The creation account is all about “God said,” in other words it is a direct telling of the creation events. Scientists have come up with their own account of how the universe came to be based on observation and theory. These two accounts of God and science meet in the book - each is presented according to its sources and is compared and contrasted.

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