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Saturday, July 7, 2012

It's Started !! Win $500 Diapers and Formula Give Away !!

Welcome to the $500 Formula and Diapers Event! This is the biggest expense after little one finally arrives, and EVERY mom can sympathize! A great group of bloggers have come together with StoreBrandFormula to provide this AWESOME prize!

  • 20 Cans of Store Brand Baby Formula
  • $100 worth Pampers Premium Diapers

While breast milk is best, for moms who choose to formula feed, or want to supplement breast milk with formula, store brand infant formula can cost up to 50% less than national brand formulas.

Like all formulas, store brand infant formulas are nutritionally complete, and can help parents save about $600 a year.

However, what many new moms don’t realize is if they compare the label of a national brand to its store brand counterpart, they will find there are no nutritional differences. A great resource to compare labels from the comfort of your own home is

ENTRY is easier than EVER!
Open to US and CA 
Ending on 28th July at 11.59pm est

Good Luck !!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. This prize is for me! I have 2 babies to feed and diaper!

  2. This will be for my little baby, Josiah. Formula is super expensive but we still try to keep it in our super tight budget for our baby. Life is hard but we try to make it.

    aisha holley

  3. The twitter links to wrapsgonewild and fatfreein45 are not working.

  4. Over visiting from weekend blog hop and entering this great giveaway. Thanks. Fishful Thinking

  5. I will give it to my sister and brother. Both just had babies.

  6. The prize is for me and I'll probably give some to a friend! I'm still mostly breastfeeding, but have to supplement about 4 oz. a day right now. I buy an organic store brand right now because the cost of formula is very expensive.

  7. For a loved one, Kim who has an autistic son and who is struggling personally/financially.

    eva urban
    emu839 at gmail dot com

  8. For a loved one, family, who I know is struggling, thanks!

  9. I want to win for my sister who has two little ones in diapers. Our son was on an expensive formula because of intestinal issues so we had no choice but to pay the high price...we nicknamed it "liquid gold".

  10. This is fantastic! The price of formula put a huge dent in our grocery budget. If I won this I would give it to my brother. His baby is due in december. I would keep the diapers lol

  11. The prize is for me and a friend who is having a baby soon so she gets the formula and I get the diapers. I bought store brand formula when my son was a baby and I was very happy with it. You get a lot more for the price and the quality is just as good.

  12. Hello, how are you? Thank you for this opportunity. I would give diapers and formula to a family member or friend. Higher prices in all areas have definitely affected my buying choices.


Always lovely to hear your comments xx

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