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Friday, August 31, 2012

Book Review - Return To The Desert by Dr Jerry Burgener

Book Review
Return to the Desert
Return To The Desert
by Dr Jerry Burgener

About the Author

Dr. Jerry Burgener grew up in Illinois and still lives there today. He received his PhD in Human Learning from Southern Illinois University, spent most of his career as a forensic psychologist as well as working in schools and Mental Health Organizations.  He is now in private practice with his techniques and approaches being presented in print by news media and on national television. Dr. Jerry has also ridden and trained horses in Illinois and Arizona.

Book Description
In this sequel to the novel Desert Journey, Jerry Burgener continues studying the spiritual lessons provided by his American Indian spirit guide, Tom, as he chronicles his incredible journey to understand life and relationships and why we choose one lover over another.

Again basing his story on true events, Jerry returns to Tom's mountain retreat near Apache Junction, Arizona, expecting sympathy and understanding from Tom when he relays that his fiancé has cheated on him with an ex-boyfriend. Instead, Tom calmly states, "Everything is perfect and as it should be." Jerry soon realizes he has to relearn many lessons Tom taught him on the very same mountaintop a year earlier and then must achieve a whole new level of understanding in order to find inner peace. As Jerry struggles to comprehend his need to constantly be immersed in a relationship, Tom challenges him to find his place in the universe and uses past life regression to help Jerry understand how his actions provide consequences beyond his current life.

Superstition Mountain provides a perfect backdrop as Tom continues his spiritual pilgrimage to find the key to true happiness.

Our Book Review
If you read my book review of the author's first book 'Desert Journey' then you will know just how much I loved it.  In fact I just could not wait to read the follow up and was certainly not disappointed and had an extremely hard job to put the book down.  Although I don't think it could come close to the experience of reading the first book, to be fair I don't think any book could !! 

A year ago, on a horse trek around Spiritual Mountain Jerry was gently guided by the hands of fate to an encounter with a wise old Indian named Tom unbeknownst to Jerry, Tom is his spiritual friend from many past lives and his spiritual mentor on his life's journey, they have shared many lifetimes together and made an agreement a long time ago to find each other to help reach their fullest potential.

In this book, Jerry returns a year later to the beauty of Spiritual Mountain for further guidance from his spiritual friend, Tom.  Jerry's quest is still to find true happiness and his true self, but he is also battling against his relationship demons after yet another relationship has failed.  He  looks to Tom for answers as to why after so much learning the previous year he can still get things so wrong.  Tom's reply is that everything is perfect as it should be, which makes no sense at all to Jerry.  After some time Jerry realises that he had let the learning slip and had forgotten many important lessons which he would need to restart once again.

The story focuses on finding the answers to why he feels so much anger and abandonment at leaving Jenna and why he is faced night after night with the recurring dream of John Lee, a young boy who's father left him and his mother to go to war.  The dreams continue to show John Lee working on the farm to look after his mother, a tragic accident for the plough horse, the death of his weak mother and finally trying to find his father during wartime. I could have read a lot more about John Lee's life but it would have ended up being a very big book to read.

A couple of messages stood out for me while I was so engrossed in the story.  The first was that when something happens to you you can spend all your time thinking of yourself as a victim and how awful it is or you can ask yourself what am I meant to learn from this experience.  Don't let feelings take control, its all about the perspective of a situation.  The other was that in relationships love is important but like and respect is much more important.  If you do not know why you liked that person in the first place then when love ends   what reason do you have to stay.  

I love the way the author writes the story to include life messages of self help.  I could actually sit and read about Tom's spiritual guidance and lessons all the time, I would obviously prefer to sit on the edge of the mountain with him overlooking the beauty of the valley below but will have to make do reading from a book.  

A highly recommended book to everyone who enjoys to read and I cannot wait for the author's next return to his spiritual guide.

Our Rating (surprise, surprise)


  1. This sounds like an interesting book, I always enjoy books with a spiritual theme

  2. Sounds interesting! Thanks for the review! Sounds like a gift for my dad!

  3. Thanks for linking this in to Books You Loved. You mentioned that it was difficult to choose only one - please feel free to put in a couple more. Have a great week.


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