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Monday, May 28, 2012

Environmentally Friendly Water Beads with Eco-Orbies plus Give Away

Had to share with you all a new product that I was recently asked to review.  I think this is great and quite fun as well.  If your lucky enough you will have received a lovely bouquet of flowers in the past, filled your favourite vase with water and spent some time adjusting them to look nice.  Then in a couple of days the water goes old and stale and you need to take your flowers out, empty the water and refill, then spend a some more time putting your flowers in order.  

If you want to change this pattern, read on.....Eco Orbies are water beads that can be reused and reused and can be used numerous times for up to 15 - 20 years. They can make a simple glass vase come to life and if your feeling arty you can use different colours and create layers and patterns, as the colours will not bleed into each other.  They come unscented in nine colours, pink, orange, coral, yellow, blue, purple, black, green and even clear if you prefer the neutral look.   More importantly as they are reusable and biodegradable they are environmentally friendly!!  All you have to do is simply allow them to air dry for around 3-5 days and them store them away until you need them again, you can even do this if you fancy seeing a different colour.
Before adding any water to the water beads
We received two packets, black and clear, which really impressed my kids as they are the same colour as their football team !!  Very simple to use and came with care and use instructions.  We put the black beads in one bowl and the clear ones in another, as my idea was to layer the beads when ready.  Then it was time to add the water to the little beads and wait around 6-8 hours for them to soak in the water.  We really enjoyed  watching them grow, the kids loved this part, it was really quite hard seeing the clear beads as they grew as they are of course clear, but the black ones we're really great to watch.
After the 8 hours
Now it was time for the amateur artist to try and create something different and here is the results !! I'm not going to win an award but I'm pretty pleased with myself, although thinking about it I should have really put the black ones in last to make it a lot more easier for you to see the clear ones. A little tip - if your thinking about layering them put the second and further layers in slowly as they're quite playful. I decided not to add any scent to the eco-orbies but you can add a few drops of your favourite essential oils or perfume if you prefer.


Of course, now I just have to sit an admire them and I can't wait to see how long they last !!  There are a lot more uses for the Eco-Orbies, such as growing plants without soil or using for plant cuttings, decorating the top of your garden or indoor planters aiding your plants to grow, light up vase effects, even giving your goldfish a couple to play with - now that would be great to watch.  Lots more uses are listed on their website.


I received this product through Karma Media in exchange for my honest review.



Open to US Residents
Ending on 8th June 


Good Luck!!

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  1. I would put these in my vase & put some pretty flowers on them!

  2. If I were to win I would use then as a decoration accent. I would put them in a pot and arrange them in a way to look nice and be a conversation piece

  3. they look like so much fun to use for flowers. I think it would be interesting to use them to grow plants.

  4. I would like to put them in a beautiful glass vase and use and mod deco art

  5. Purple is a color of spirituality and calm. So let these beautiful purple Eco Orbies accompany your meditations and prayers.

    I just got two hummingbird plants and these would be perfect for those until they get big enough to plant outside.

    Ann Fudge Cluck

  6. I would use them in a vase with some flowers.


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