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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Book Review - Advice My Parents Gave Me by Rodolfo Costa

Book Review
Advice My Parents Gave Me 
and Other LESSONS I Learned From My Mistakes
by Rodolfo Costa

About the Author
Rodolfo Costa was born in Lima, Peru. At age nineteen, without knowing what to expect, he said goodbye to his parents and immigrated to the United States. Through the difficulties and joys of life, with the advice received and the mistakes made, he learned to embrace the world in a different and more positive way, and now with immense gratitude for the knowledge he gained, he is able to share his earned wisdom in his new inspirational and motivational collection Advice My Parents Gave Me and Other Lessons I Learned From My Mistakes.

Today, Rodolfo Costa continues his learning, sharing his knowledge, and evolving as a person and human being. He is a business owner, a Realtor, a teacher, and always a student. He lives in Northern California.

Book Description
Some people just need a little motivation and reassurance to allow themselves to see beyond what others think is possible, wise, or practical, while others just need a little inspiration to use their imagination wisely so they become part of a solution not part of a problem. Advice my Parents Gave Me, and Other Lessons I Learned From My Mistakes--may just provide that motivation, reassurance, and inspiration to turn dreams into reality--409 practical, thought-provoking, "bite-sized" ideas, suggestions, lessons, and reminders to encourage the reader to move forward to a successful and happy life, while becoming a better person in the process.

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Our Book Review
I like the way the book is divided into separate chapters and emotions, making it much easier for you to find the helpful quotes you need quickly.  Full of hints and encouraging snippets of advice on different aspects of how we live our lives,.  

The layout of the book is simplistic and basic and is laid out into individual bullet points which are sharp and straight to the point but some of them could do with a little bit more explanation on how you could change or what you do do better.

Would be great to keep with you at all times, just to pick up and re-read the thought provoking sections you need to uplift your spirit to help you get through.

The author does stress the point that you should be really grateful for what you have achieved and acquired in your life and in order to progress, you cannot harbor resentment or regrets and to every problem you can work out a solution.

Anyone who is looking to change the way they lead their life or looking for inspiration, this book would be great for them to read.  We can still learn from other people and if we keep all our secrets they will be lost forever, fortunately, this will never happen with this book.

Our Rating 

"Sometimes it is very hard not to feel fear and sometimes our fears cause us to impose limitations on ourselves, but we can eliminate and conquer them by just continuing to move forward." 

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  1. The people who need to read this book are the people who won't think they need to read it! It's a great idea and looks like an interesting read. I recently finished an amazing book called, “The Book of Ernest” by Ernest Clement. This is a non-fiction book on spirituality and mankind’s place in the universe written from the author’s own experiences over a period of 15 years. He includes some humor and perspectives on American politics.


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