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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Celtic Wedding Rings - Not just your average jewelry !

Ever since my first visit to the Holy Island in Northumberland where I first came across the Celtic design in a lovely little Celtic shop, I have truly admired the beauty of all the designs.  I have always wanted a Celtic designed ring but up until now I have never managed to found one that was just right around all the shops in the area.  When I had the opportunity to review a ring from the new range of Faith bands from Celtic Wedding Rings I was overjoyed, especially when the ring picked me immediately.  

The Aislinn Trinity Knot designed ring is absolutely gorgeous, the silver design is brought to life by the black background underneath.  This is one of the more popular Celtic designs and the one I love especially, it is said to represent three Celtic goddesses or the Holy Trinity. While the name Aislinn means a vision or a dream.  Some of the other rings in the Faith band range also have an inscription in the ancient alphabet of Ogham, which dates back to around the 4th century. For me it's not just a ring, it is a work of art with history.

When the ring arrived the sheer quality of the ring was obvious.  You can not just see but feel the quality, it's thickness, strength, and strong yet delicate pattern is beautiful.  You can tell how much workmanship has gone into providing the ring and I was and still am thrilled. I was anxious trying the ring on in case of the size being wrong and not being able to wear it, but the fit was perfect.  One slight warning with the ring is that it can be worn by males and females, so if like me, your husband gets his eyes on it you might be in for a ownership battle !!  

Picture of Aislinn Unisex Trinity Knot Ring

I also have to say how impressed I was with the help finding my ring size, it's been quite a while since I purchased a ring so guessing my size was going to be a problem.  Not only do they have the traditional ring sizer chart that you can download, they also have an on display ring sizer, so if you have a credit card or driving licence to initially tune the display and a ring to compare, it is extremely easy to obtain your size.

If you visit their site, a must is to take a look at their History and Mythology page, giving you samples of  folklore which are illustrated beautifully. They also have a learning centre with information on the different materials used and care guide and FAQ's.

I think you might have guessed by now how impressed and happy I am with my new ring, now I have finally found such a high quality piece of jewelry I will certainly be returning for future items.  I already have a Celtic pendant which I bought on my beloved Holy Island, the one thing I haven't yet got is a Celtic designed cross so here is my next purchase from my new favourite jewelry specialists. 

Yes they do design and sell other jewelry as well as the many different ranges of rings.  Don't be fooled by the name Celtic Wedding Rings!!  The also sell crosses, pendants, earrings, cuff links, tie pins and best of all they are based in Ireland yet sell worldwide.  


  1. I love that is so beautiful!!

  2. Now you just have the love of my heart and heritage here gal! I love the ring! Beautiful!!

  3. I LOVE the stuff from this company!!! I got the birthstone ring and love it!! Yours is gorgeous!!!! =)

  4. I love all things Celtic. They are so mystical and power emanates from the designs.

  5. I love Celtic jewelry and I have several pieces. I will definitely have to check out this place, though. I would love a good quality Celtic ring.

  6. Aren't these just gorgeous! I think they are definitely brill!

    Danielle @ Royalegacy

  7. How gorgeous! Love the styles they offer.

  8. Oh my word! Sooooooo pretty! Thanks for sharing. That ring is amazing.

  9. Loving the design! Celtic rings are also great as wedding bands.


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