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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

World Book Night - Our Givers Story

Millions of books were given out last night by thousands of volunteer givers in the UK, Ireland, US and Germany in aid of World Book Night.

It was our first time of being a volunteer giver this year and we we're really excited.  Our book was The Take by Martina Cole.

So first we had to collect our box of 24 books from our local Library, then inside each book we attached the World Book Night bookplate stating who the books had been given out by and each book had its own unique number so it could be traced through Bookcrossing in the future to see where its many destinations have been .

Then came decision time, where should we give out our books??  The whole point of World Book Night is to encourage reading and to give to people who do not necessarily read a great deal.  After much thought we came up with three different places.

The first was the Butterwick Hospice based locally in Stockton, Cleveland, here we gave half of our books.  They provide an extremely valuable free service in our community, providing help to people living with a life limiting illness, relieving symptoms, enriching patient’s lives and supporting them and their loved ones.  They also offer popular drop in sessions and one day each week the Day Care area is dedicated to bereavement care. Butterwick's skilled staff and volunteer councellors are on hand to advise, guide and support those who have lost loved ones.
Butterwick Hospice Stockton
The World Book Night books will go to the in-patients and be available for their relatives to read while they are there and to even taken home and return when they have finished Martina's story.  The Butterwick Hospice is close to my heart and I couldn't think of a more worthy place to donate our books to.

Ashbourne LodgeOur second choice was Ashbourne Lodge nursing home close to where we live in Billingham, Cleveland.  Offering care for the elderly, and a range of specialist services for people with mental health requirements and those who are physically less able. With around 40-50 residents we felt this would be a great place to donate our books.

Our third choice was Ashwood Lodge nursing home, again close to where we live in Billingham, Cleveland.  A privately owned 27 bedded care home registered to provide care to older people for personal care and people with dementia.

The satisfying feeling of giving was immense and knowing that the elderly and ill will benefit in some small way made it even more special.  We deal with books everyday, buying, reviewing, selling and it makes a lovely change to have been part of this amazing night.


  1. I bet those who received your books are very happy.

  2. This is the first year I have heard of this. Love the idea of being able to share books with a group ike this! Really cool!

  3. I had only recently heard of this program. I love it! I am huge fan of reading. I have been reading since I was young. My mom was our elementary school librarian so I spent many after school hours there. My favorite series was the Happy Hollisters and my first real chapter book was the VonTrap Family. I remember watching The Sound of Music for the first time on tv and coming to school the next day and telling one of the librarians about how I loved it. She said she had the book and that I could borrow it. It was huge and had small print but I read that book in one week and was so proud of myself. I have since shared that love of reading with my daughter and we both read daily. Thank you for taking the initiative of sharing the love of reading with others.

  4. That was really nice of you to give them to people who can't get out to get books on their own!

  5. I love reading. I will be checking out this awesome program.

  6. Just read about this great event somewhere else, too! That's great you were able to participate!

  7. I had never heard of World Book Night until today and this is the second blog post about it that I've read! I think this sounds like such a wonderful program and I'm definitely going to sign up to be a giver for next year! The places you chose to give your books sound like perfect places to me! You chose well!


Always lovely to hear your comments xx

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