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2nd BOOK TOUR & SIGNED BOOK GIVEAWAY - "If I Should Die Before My Dog --" by Joe and Cathy Connolly

A Dog Lovers lasting guide.......An beautifully illustrated interactive book that one fills in all of the information about their dogs life in the event they can no longer care for them to help ensure your pets are taken care of.

A thought provoking check list for dog lovers, who unfortunately and with much sadness can no longer take care of their dog. 

This book will assist those who want to prepare for their dogs future in an easy to use format that will guide them through the process of telling the "story" of their dogs life, for their pets "Next Guardian". 

None of us can predict the future, but in the event situations arise such as death, health impairment or left with no other choice but to give them up, this book will be there to assist your beloved pet with the transition from one home to another.

 **   UPDATE - New Cat Version coming out shortly ........... ** 

"This book is a treasured keepsake - and potential lifesaver - for each and every dog in your life! I not only recommend it, but I'm counting down the days until the authors complete their follow-up book, If I Should Die Before My Cat!" - review from Create With Joy

"The authors have taken pet care to a new level. Normally we have living wills for ourselves, but this is the first time we have included our dogs in it. This is such a wonderful idea. This book is a workbook that dog owners fill out so their best friend is cared for the way they are accustomed to. You can give detailed instructions about every aspect of a dog's life-from his favorite toys, foods he likes, where he likes to sleep, is he afraid of thunderstorms, and much more.  This book gives your dog a voice.   I highly recommend this book to dog owners that want to be sure their dog is well cared for in the event of their death."  - review from Pamela G Maynard

As a Dog Mom this book solves many concerns I think we dog lovers all share. It covers every aspect of our dogs lives. It's written from the dogs point of view. It takes the worry and concern about what will happen to my dog after I'm gone to a different level by allowing us to easily fill in all the needed information for the person who will care for them. It would also help find a new owner if You had to give them up for any reason to an animal rescue. The rescue would be able to read and know everything about them and therefore be able to find them just the right home! It's a beautiful book!" - review from

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Authors Joe and Cathy Connolly
Joe and Cathy Connolly have spent a lifetime owning, training and caring for dogs. Cathy grew up with a Collie breeder, dog groomer and dog handler while attending many different dog shows and eventually went on to work with other breeders as she grew older. They live in beautiful Northern Michigan with their 3 furry four legged children, one large dog, one small dog and the entire family is supervised by one bossy calico cat. 

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  1. I FINISHED the blog for you if you want to post it early? I would like to read that Dog Ma book in the tour, is that possible? Your tours rawk!!

    thank you for this opportunity Sharon! I love you gal!

  2. Lady Girl III rescued me about 8 months ago. She was in a no kill shelter. Lady G is a pitbull mix. She is absolutely, without a doubt, the most loving, intelligent, loyal dog I have ever been a mommy to. I was truly blessed the day I was lead to her through 200 other doggies.

    1. Its heartbreaking to think that she could have been killed when she is lucky now to have such a beautiful home and parents xx

    2. I know and thank you so much!!! xoxo

  3. I have a rescued Pit Bull Mix. She has saved me from an abusive man and I saved her from cancer. She is very noise sensitive and no one understands why I put my self out so much for her but me and my son.

    1. I know exactly what you mean, the same could be said about our Border Terrier, everyone says that we should not have him due to his aggressive attitude at times but we love him and understand him, nobody else would be able to take care of him.

  4. I have 4 dogs, Rozy, Junebug, Buster, and Adrianne.

  5. My little chiwawa, Lexi:)

    Shandi Naugle

    1. We are now looking for a dog to add to our fold. I've had dogs all my life up until my Miss Sadie passed away six years ago. Life isn't the same without a canine child, so we're hoping one finds us soon :)

    2. Fingers crossed you find the right companion xx

  6. All of my non-human children mean the world to me, and having a plan for their secure future is an important thing to do! I can't wait to read this book!

    1. It's a fantastic book Terri, and the illustrations are gorgeous too x

  7. I think this is a great idea. I have 5 dogs - all rescues - that would probably be sent to separate homes if something were to happen to me. They each have their own issues and attitudes. It would be great if there was an affordable discount for multiple purchases so they could each have their own book. I also plan to be doing a lot of foster work in the near future and I think this would be a great resource to send with each pup when they go top their forever home.

  8. Dot, that is wonderful that you have rescued 5 dogs, must be a handful at times !! We have two rescue dogs and again both have their issues but they are so loving aswell.

    If you can email me on beckvalleybooks @ regarding the book and I will forward this on for you x

  9. Sharon Martin and Beck Valley Books were highly recommended to us by Barbara Brunner, for doing a book tour for us. So glad we decided to go with Sharon!

    We have since done two book tours for our book "If I Should Die Before My Dog". Sharon did such a wonderful job for us on both tours. She makes it so seem so easy and takes her job very seriously. Not to mention taking the stress out of your books promotion. Her daily emails kept us informed, the bloggers she finds for each tour are wonderful. They give honest reviews, posts are done on time and posted to Amazon, Barnes and Noble and many other places that we didn't expect. We too, through Sharon have met many wonderful people.

    It is amazing how much our two tours have helped in selling "If I Should Die Before My Dog"!

    We will do another tour or two with Sharon, through our book tours she has become a valued friend, I don't think you could ask for more!

    So, a huge thank you Sharon for all you have done for us!

  10. Cathy it was wonderful working with you, your book is such an important book to all the dogs out there, making sure not only that they are cared for when their life changes but allowing their current owners to share all their personal habits and special ways to the new owners. Not only that it is beautifully done, my hope is for most dog owners to have a copy.


Always lovely to hear your comments xx

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