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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Book Review - Windmill Point by Jim Stempel

Book Review
Windmill Point
by Jim Stempel

Book Description
Windmill Point is gripping historical fiction that vividly brings to life two desperate weeks during the spring of 1864, when the resolution of the American Civil War was balanced on a razor’s edge. At the time, both North and South had legitimate reasons to conclude they were very near victory. Ulysses S. Grant firmly believed that Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia was only one great assault away from implosion; Lee knew that the political will in the North to prosecute the war was on the verge of collapse. 

Jim Stempel masterfully sets the stage for one of the most horrific battles of the Civil War, contrasting the conversations of decision-making generals with chilling accounts of how ordinary soldiers of both armies fared in the mud, the thunder and the bloody fighting on the battlefield. 

“We must destroy this army of Grant’s before he gets to the James River. If he gets there it will become a siege, and then it will be a mere question of time.” General Lee. 

Jim Stempel’s Windmill Point captures the dreadful fury and desperate humanity of the American Civil War with a power and immediacy few authors have been able to achieve. I recommend it highly for anyone interested in a vivid portrayal of that violent crucible from which our modern society ultimately emerged. 
Mark Robert Waldman, Executive MBA Faculty, Loyola Marymount University and author of Words Can Change Your Brain
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Hubbie's Review
Enjoy a time travelling novel where the author takes you back to one of the decisive battles of the American Civil War.  The research and knowledge of the period is excellent.  All through the book you can smell the fear, the blood and the overall bravery of the soldiers on both sides to give up their lives for what they believed in. Using his intense knowledge of the general battle plans he brings them all to life and portrays their thoughts and lifestyles with excellent descriptive writing.

The author takes us on an epic journey through a war torn period in American History.  The characters and scenarios are true to life and depict very deep emotions and the sense of loss of human life is felt very strongly.  Sometimes it is hard to get into a historic novel and believe in the characters but this author has not failed.  You can tell he cares and has put a lot of time and effort in creating them and has studied the period intensely to produce a novel which will interest historians world wide.
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About the author
Jim Stempel was born in Westfield, N.J.,in 1948,and graduated from the Citadel, Charleston, S.C., in 1970 with a degree in political science. He is married and the father of three. His first novel, American Rain was hailed by critics and labeled a "masterpiece" by the West Coast Review of Books.A student of the human condition, Stempel's works span a range including satire, spirituality, and military nonfiction. His most recent work is an examination of the psychological roots of human warfare (The Nature of War: Origins and Evolution of Violent Conflict) that Choice,the publication of the Association of College and Research Libraries, said "..offers ripe fruit by which to contemplate humanity's future." Stempel is considered an authority on the Eastern campaigns of the American Civil War, and his books on that topic have drawn an international audience. His novel Albemale was nominated for the James Fenimore Cooper Prize in Historical Fiction, and his newest novel, Windmill Point was released in March, 2016.

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  1. This was a really contentious time in the history of the United States--as North and South fought-each other-friend against friend, brother against brother. This sounds like a novel I could certainly get into.

  2. This sounds like a read I would love to read along with my sons. We all love history and during the Civil War we had family both in the North and the South. Thanks for sharing this awesome review and book.

  3. I have always loved history and this is my kind of book genre.


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