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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Book Review - The Lizard's Tale by Kurt Kamm

Book Review
The Lizard's Tale
by Kurt Kamm

Book Description
A Wild Ride Through the Drug Cartel World! 

Alejandro, a middle class Guatemalan, wants his share, and makes a deal with the cartel. Now he’s risking his life to deliver the goods. 

El Dedo, a brilliant financier, is the Sinaloa Cartel’s banker. He worries about what to do with the billions of dollars collecting dust in his underground vault. 

Ryan, a DEA Special Agent, needs to make a high profile case to get a promotion. Is the big yacht headed for California carrying a Mexican drug shipment? 

Kate, a wildlife officer on Catalina Island, smells smoke. When she heads out in the middle of the night to investigate a fire, she makes an astonishing discovery. 

Jorge, an orphan from the streets of Mexico, is abandoned in the United States. Will he find his way back home and track down his mother’s killer? 

These are some of the characters who inhabit the gripping world of The Lizard’s Tale. Award-winning author Kurt Kamm takes the reader on a riveting journey.

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Hubbie's Book Review
Welcome to another full on story from one of America's upcoming authors.  Excitement and intrigue is found on every single page. The authors brilliance in bringing together the rich, an illegal smuggling racket and a poor boy is first rate.  The human element of greed and the lengths that people will go to get what they want is prominently portrayed throughout the story. Kurt's story portrays an up to date issue that is affecting the whole of the planet, illegal trapping and animal smuggling and the damage and impact on the people it involves.

The characters are brought to life by the authors brilliant descriptive writing and also touches the nerve ends like no other author can. The bravery of the author to move away from his fire fighting mysteries has to be applauded and again has not let the reader down.

Praise for Kurt Kamm and his hard hitting, page turning novels which provide an excellent read and never disappoint.
Our Rating

About the Author
I live in Malibu, California and have used used my contacts with CalFire, Los Angeles County and Ventura County Fire Departments, as well as the ATF and DEA to write fact-based (“faction”) novels.

I have written a series of firefighter mystery novels, which have won several literary awards.

My newest novel, The Lizard’s Tale, is a story about an orphan from the streets of Mexico, caught in the struggle between the DEA and the Sinaloa Cartel. It is not like any other cartel book or novel. I wrote it after attending the DEA Citizen's Academy, and it provides a unique and exciting look inside the activities of the Mexican drug lords and the DEA men dedicated to stopping them.

Each of my firefighter novels features a firefighter with a special skill: Wildland / Arson Investigation / Fire Paramedic / HazMat/ Urban Search and Rescue. Each story is told from the viewpoint of the firefighter and involves both his fire specialty and a a personal problem he is battling.

I have built an avid fan base among first responders and other readers. A graduate of Brown University and Columbia Law School, I was previously a financial executive and semi-professional bicycle racer. I was also Chairman of the UCLA/Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center Foundation for several years.
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  1. Wow what an exciting book! This is a story line that I would love to see as a movie some day!

  2. Now this sounds like a good exciting adventure, a real page turner. Thanks for the great review.

  3. Intriguing! Sounds like it may be a intense, love those kind of books! Thanks for the great suggestion.

  4. This really sounds like a book I would love to read! It is going on my tbr list for sure!!

  5. my Mom and I both love a good mystery. I hadn't previously heard of this author.


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