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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Running with knowledge - Beets BLU Wireless Heart Rate Monitor Review

Now my son is slowly starting to recover from his running injuries, he is managing to run up to 30 minutes without major issues.  All thanks to the work of his physiotherapist for guiding him and planning his daily exercise routine and running sessions over the last few months.  We are hopeful that this will continue to get him back to full strength and competing, which he has badly misses.

His new training device, a heart rate monitor, is also another tool he can use to when training to track his fitness, endurance and performance.  He tried the Beets BLU heart rate monitor which is wireless, so need need for any adapters, it has a long life battery that lasts up to a year, is really lightweight and  not bulky to wear at all.

The heart rate monitor came with an elasticated strap which is quite soft to the touch and is adjustable.  The actual monitor snaps into the strap with strong press studs.  Set up was really easy as he already has a Nike running app on his iPhone, so as soon as the strap (with the electrodes) and monitor touched his skin it started automatically.  Then it was just a case of  pairing the devices up and that was it! (The device can be used on a number of recommended apps too)

So now it was set up and we knew what we were doing it was time for him to try it out whilst running, both to see how it felt for him and how well it worked. 

Simple to wrap around your chest and then click/snap it in to it's final position.  Obviously you don't want it too tight, it has to be comfortable enough to be able to run.

Off he went on his first run with the heart rate monitor and I'm pleased to say he managed to run another 30 minutes without any major issues from his calf and foot.

When he returned and had cooled off, he couldn't wait to see how he had been measured throughout the run.

The image above shows the overall monitoring throughout the run, the image below shows that you can scroll throughout the run to find more information at a given point.  (Different running apps will show different information or displays). 

It's so great to get this information from such a small device.  As his fitness increases his heart rate should gradually reduce and his pace compared to heart rate should gradually improve. It will also help him to track his endurance too by seeing how long his heart rate holds before it increases as he tires as well as prevent overtraining.

There will no doubt be other features within his running app that the heart rate monitor will be useful for, which we will have the fun to find out.  Plus this will also be a great addition when working on the treadmill and when we go cycling, especially while I'm on my detox and trying to lose weight.


Check first to make sure your phone/tablet is compatible.
Compatible devices: Apple iPhone 4S (and later) - Apple iPad 3 (and later)
Any smartphone with Android 4.3 (and later) with Bluetooth 4.0

UK £25.95 available at Amazon
US $29.95 available at Amazon

From the Beets BLU website....

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  1. This looks like such a useful gadget! It's so affordable too - will definitely be checking it out.


  2. Sounds like a useful gadget for monitoring improvements!

  3. The monitor looks so useful. I like that it connects to the app.

  4. This sounds so helpful if you're taking your running seriously! I know my brother swears by his heart rate monitor and I have to say I do love all the graphs :D

    Jess xo | The Indigo Hours


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