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Friday, May 20, 2016

10 day Detox Completed!! How do I feel?

I've done it, completed my second detox under the guidance of the amazing nutritional health coach and author Lisa Consiglio Ryan.  This time I did one of her seasonal detox plans from her book Go Clean, Sexy You and chose the Spring detox. (previously I did the Renewal Anytime 10 day detox plan).  So what did I do to celebrate? I hear you ask, well I felt soooo good I've decided to do an extra day, yes you heard me right, an extra day! So that will be 11 days of healthy eating, way to go me :-)

So how do I feel?
(No word of a lie to these)
  • I feel alive, on top of the world, happy, relaxed, refreshed.
  • I hadn't realized what a rut I had got myself into, I've always been large sized but I had literally given up on myself. 
  • I cannot believe the difference in how I feel both mentally and physically.
  • My email to Lisa 'I cannot thank you enough, honestly you have turned my life around, I hope I can do you the justice of continuing.'

What have I noticed?
  • Firstly my weight, I've lost a dress size and I can actually feel space in my clothes where they used to be tight.
  • My hair is back to being soft and shiny rather than dry and bristle.
  • The aching feeling I had been having has gone. (previous detox also helped with two other conditions I had)
  • My motivation is back and I am taking regular breaks from my work, whether it be to do something round the house, going for a walk with the dogs or simply having a rest.
  • I am exercising more and choosing to do so :-)
  • My taste buds have changed on this second detox, last time I was trying new food I hadn't had before like Quinoa, Almond Butter, this time I'm already used to them.
  • Things I was putting off to do are now getting done and clearing my mind of them.
  • Basically feeling good about myself.

So what about the detox itself?

How did I cope?
  • First of all I have to say Lisa has made this extremely easy, she's provided background, your meal planner, a shopping list, recipes, and after detox recipes and advice.
  • Doing a second detox from Lisa, I felt more confident and took her advise that if I wanted to swap a meal I could, as long as it was on the planner and not new ingredients from the shopping list. 
  • I also found that I was now used to certain food that previously I hadn't tried, now I was on the second detox.  Knowing the recipes are created for the detox really helps to follow it through.
  • No gain with pain, they say, this time round I found myself landed with a migraine the first day which lessened to a headache on the second day.  BUT from day three the detox started to work its magic. 
  • When I did my first detox I found day 3/4 the hardest to pull myself round but once I got through that I was fine and obviously starting to see the benefits.
  • I didn't feel hungry once, with three meals a day plus two snacks in between then drinks I was absolutely fine.

  • Once you have done one detox you will find that you have a lot of the larder products already.
  • Vitamins Lisa suggest are optional, I took them and will continue to do so on my next detox.
  • Daily body brushes (Lisa explains how) is a must I noticed a big difference during the day.
  • It's not all about food!  Remember to drink and follow Lisa's advice on what else you should do daily.
  • Don't buy all your fresh produce all at once, remember it's a ten day detox.
  • If you find yourself struggling mentally, say to yourself 'It's only 10 days out of my whole life' I found this really helped when I did my first detox.  There was no need to say it on the second detox though so it must get easier the more you do.
  • You may not like everything on the planner, that is OK, one or two meal/snack swaps from the planner is fine, for me I had to swap a snack as another snack on the planner was more to my taste. 
  • Tick the meals/snacks you enjoy so you can do them after the detox.
  • After my first detox, I failed myself by not continuing on the progress I had made, so planning is vital, I had wanted to continue eating fairly healthy foods, so think of ways for your motivation to continue. 
  • Take a video of yourself during the detox to remind YOU of how good you feel once it's over so you can remember the difference eating health actually made you feel and the reasons why you wanted to do it in the first place.
My favorite!!  Love Your Liver Juice, what an energizer!!

What's next?
  • Taking my own video, for any low days I have to remind myself why I want to continue my progress.
  • My plan is to try the Summer detox in July, if I can continue improving my weight from now until then, simply by eating more healthier and exercising more, then I can't wait to see the results at the end of it.
  • Although Lisa has tons of recipes and advice, both in her books and on her website for after a detox, beg her to make an After a Detox, what's next? lush book like this was!
If you want to give it a go yourself, believe me you will enjoy the results, 
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Sharon x

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Sharon Martin
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  1. I've never done a detox personally, but it's great to hear that you've seen some fantastic results with it and feeling great.

  2. I'm glad you're feeling better and more energised.

  3. This sounds amazing! Well done to completing the 10 days and your results are so good :)
    I think I need to do one little detox myself.
    Well done, girl!

  4. Well done lovely! I'm so glad it's working well for you, I need to get onto this, I'm feeling pretty lethargic of late!



  5. I really have to try this! I feel BLAH


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