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Monday, December 14, 2015



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Why is Male Always in a Hurry?

To Evolve Faster to next Species

Why Evolve? 


Why is Male Chauvinistic?

As A Pre-emptive Strike

What for?        


Why is Male Constantly at Work?

To Avoid Going Home

Why Avoid? 



Years back while working in an airfield, a newly commissioned one located in what was once an idyllic and somewhat sleepy village, I was residing in a first floor apartment surrounded by vast areas of virgin fields thick in vegetation. At home, I usually could savor my wife's endless chatter, peeping into the wet, marshy meadows beneath, while busy in the kitchen.
 Mostly, “Froggy, froggy, a snake behind you, scoot” often, “Oh! Stupid frog, I am yelling jump away, jump, still it gets caught” and a little less often, “Smart froggy, it listened to me”. Sometimes, she goes pontificating “I think many of the frogs are foolish. Once in a blue moon, a few among them listen to me and jump away in time.”
I wanted see for myself the basis on which she classifies frogs into "foolish" or "smart" and started observing them closely. And she happened to be right, I could tell between two types of frogs, ones (the smart ones!) which took actions to catch prey as well as to escape from danger well in time, and the others which were always late and sluggish.
Motivated by frogs, I ventured into lizards, one of the most common creatures to populate our buildings. I could clearly differentiate between two types of lizards, one which shoots its tongue out at the most opportune moment and the prey is always caught, and the other which is always lethargic, the prey managing to escape most of the time.
With the next creature also, my experience wasn't any different from this. I could find two types of cockroaches, those which run towards you when you enter a room and the other that smartly run away to the safety of a dark crevice.
(Mention of this phenomenon could be seen in many places, with the above peculiarity attributed to the tendency of the cockroaches to get under the somewhat dark area created by ones shadow. For taking this into account, I watched these creatures with the light source positioned at different places altering the orientation of shadow, and observed no changes)
I was struck with such a remarkable variation in nature, which has not been widely discussed so far, in the character and living habits of all things male and female. And I was struck again with an unremarkable response such as the one I happened to get when searching for an answer. Whatever the area, one searched looking for an explanation or a reference, be it scientific journals, books or reputed websites, almost all answers pointed to the same refrain – evolutionary differences, otherwise termed as adaptations through natural selection and sexual selection, of traits that facilitate survival and reproduction.
Put briefly, all of them exhort, if you accept that brains as well as bodies evolved, you will have to agree that gender related characteristics too (encompassing all other differences) evolved in both. This in essence is nothing but a veiled indication that the noticed oddity is due to the difference between the reactions of male and female to the same trigger. One set of reactions could be from the male of the species and the other, from the female, as suggested by those books.
 I could not find these answers sufficient enough, being still of the old school that would be comfortable only when a reason was found. The popular view that nothing happens without a cause, and for those with life, without a want, took better of me. The want might be the result of ones instincts, intuition, reasoning, or of any other external or internal stimuli, but without it, nothing can occur with a living being. Therefore I asked myself, what is giving all the creatures, a ‘want’ to react the way they reacted. Or, as most of the literature attributes the observed peculiarity of reactions, to evolution, how does life get a ‘want’ to evolve?
The cause or want in this case being hypothesized as the unexplored regions of evolution, I chose to go back to the sequence of events that take part in the progressive development of a species of life, with the hope of learning more about the purpose, composition and functions of ‘evolutionary differences’, the celebrated protagonist of this enigma. Rest of the story is about that search, which quite unexpectedly has opened up whatever mystery life was hiding, that made up the abstract, in addition to simplifying much of the imponderables, many of them keeping the behavioral analysts and social scientists busy.
One can find inside this, for example, plenty of explanations and cure for well reputed intangibles like extremism, chauvinism or fanaticism. And, all other forms of intolerance too shall fail to pose any baffling questions. And it was a great shock to me, after completing this book, I couldn’t wonder anymore at nature as a collection of hidden secrets.
Instead, the dearth of any of these in a society could in fact become a ‘hot topic’, one needing urgent answer.


-- None of the theories of evolution offers a satisfactory explanation for the peculiar and differing character and living habits of male and female, of all species of life
-- Mating, an indispensible part of evolution, actually consist of three separate jobs, pre-union preparation, union proper or the exchange of gametes, and the post union unrest. The male always is reluctant to participate in this pairing, due to the loud and clear anti-male ambience of post union stage. Therefore nature has to forcibly bring the male to the mating arena, circumventing the reluctance with the help of a dedicated season as well as by offering many endearments through the female.
-- It is for escaping from the dreadfulness experienced during the post union stage of every instance of mating, that animals find it necessary to evolve
-- New species therefore evolve, with more and more opportunities of allaying this dreadfulness, which amazes us by showing an “increase in complexity, as evolution moves ahead”
-- In the case of the final species of life, which as of now is man, though not overtly dreadful, the post-mating stage is not pleasurable enough
-- The primary route, man has found to escape from the dread, is a two forked approach.
One is to stretch, whatever may be of interest to him, to its limits and immerse in it. Which is the origin of all forms of extremism, including the few that are a grave threat to happy living, and the many that are helpful, enjoyable or life saving.
The other is to keep women always well suppressed such that if at all they express dissatisfaction, it shall not be crossing the minimum threshold of oppressiveness necessary to upset the man.
-- Discovery of VIAGRA has introduced a major non-linearity into the smooth flow of evolution, by having the potential to bring its primary facilitator, the dread of male female union, under human whims and fancies. This will in effect, render ‘all forms of extremes’, redundant.
Consequently, unfathomable changes are in the offing. Changes that are capable of easing the desire to evolve, shall rewrite the future of the species. And changes that are capable of moderating the fear of death, shall rewrite the present.
In the interim, more acute reactions can be expected from all societies, to events that are not in line with the norm, especially on issues involving women. Primarily because of its long standing effect, popularity of the ‘irrational’ will be at an all time high, anywhere and everywhere.

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