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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Day 10 completed!! Our Renewal "Anytime" 10 Day Detox Experience

Day 10 completed, can you believe it, wow, we completed all 10 days!!  We followed the detox completely, no cheating, no hunger pangs, no crying lol.  10 whole days!!

So what did we have for breakfast to celebrate a bacon bun, a cooked breakfast?  No chance we haven't gone all this way to ruin it in a matter of days, instead we opted for one of our favorite breakfast recipes from the detox (with a twist) Creamy Fruit Salad, recipe below.

This has been an absolutely great experience, I would totally recommend if your going to do the detox to do it with somebody who is close to you, it's a great bonding experience and you have someone to compare notes with on the recipes, likes and dislikes.  Plus its a great motivator keeping you going.
This isn't something we have done before so we really didn't want to change anything, Lisa, the author, does give you alternative recipes for the second week if you would like to swap but we wanted to stick to the main ones.  We both managed all recipes, some we loved and will continue making and a couple we didn't, but everyone's tastes are different.  The recipes were filling, you ate every 3 hours and we never felt hungry.  It was great to get back into the swing of cooking healthy, natural recipes, these were all quick and easy recipes too which was a big bonus. A lot of the recipes say serves 1-2, for the meals we classed them as serving 1, for the smoothies we classed them as serving two as there was always plenty.

Lisa does mention extra ways to enhance your detox, with daily body brushing, vitamins and full body massage on a certain day, all of which I am pleased to say we did.

The reason I like it being for 10 days is because it gives you longer to get used to eating naturally rather than having a quick diet and then going back to the processed food like we've done over the years.  Another plus point is there are post detox recipes in the book too, to help you carry on the good work you have done.

How do I feel?  I feel proud obviously for sticking to the 10 days, I feel more awake in myself, fresher, happier and I can see the difference in my size, I never weigh myself, I can always tell if I've lost weight by my clothes and looking in the mirror.  Hubbie has actually lost 6 pounds.  We've both had plenty of comments too about the difference in our weight.

Will we do it again?  Absolutely, I would probably think once a year for us would be great, although you can do it whenever you feel the need to renew.

An easy to follow detox that works, with tasty recipes and results at the end, what are you waiting for?

Lisa's Creamy Fruit Salad (after detox)
(swapping the orange and mango, in the detox recipe, for banana and pear)
2 bananas
1 pear
2 Tbsp coconut milk
Blend one banana and coconut milk until smooth.  The consistency should be thick.  Toss sliced banana and cubed mango in a bowl.  Top with banana cream and serve, delicious!

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Sharon x

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  1. I'm so glad that the detox worked so well for you both. I really appreciate you sharing your results with us!

  2. I like that creamy fruit salad!! It sounds good! I will try it at home. Re the detox diet I should do it as I feel now I really need it! LOL :-) x

  3. I'm the detox worked for you! I've always been tempted to try one out as i think sometimes my body needs it!

  4. I used to detox 4 times a year but I haven't in a long time. I need to get back to eating right. I've gained so much weight in the last few years.


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