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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

So pleased with my first upcycling project!!

I am so pleased with my first upcycling item that I have had to show you guys :-)  While we were away in Hastings, there were soooo many antique shops to look in, we had so much fun and kept dry from the rain!  After watching French Collection on C4 so many times on tv, with all their buying, upcycling & selling ideas, when I saw this gorgeous bottle in one of the shops I knew straight away it would be fantastic to turn into a lamp.  Even better it was a massive £2, wow!

So this weekend, we went to B&Q to get all the bits and bobs we needed to turn the bottle into a lamp.  I've got to admit at this point I was extremely nervous knowing that when we got back home I would have to drill a hole into it without it cracking.

Our shopping listed consisted of...

Lighting accessories pack
Glass & tile drill bit
5m 2 Core Flat Flex
Masking Tape
Light bulb

The small opening at the top of the bottle was ideal to place the light fitting in but how to hold it secure was the one thing I was unsure about.  We spent a while looking at the different options, yet still undecided.  As hubbie was with me, as usual he asked for help, within minutes the member of staff handed us the items we would need, not only that but explained to us how to do it and gave us extra ideas.  I wish I could remember his name because he was such a wonderful help, B&Q listen out!!

The good news is I didn't crack the bottle while drilling the hole, I put a small piece of masking tape across and slowly drilled, stopping a few times.  Then fed the flex through the hole to the top.  As the bottle already had cork in the top I decided to make a hole in it and try to place the flex and metal fixing from the accessory pack through it, which actually worked.  

Next it was time to wire the flex to the lampholder and join that to the metal fixing, trying not to put a lot of pressure on the cork below.

Once the plug was wired, it was case of adding the final touch with the lampshade and here we have it, my first upcycling project completed!!

Just saying, I'm sooo proud :-)

Sharon x

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  1. This looks great! I would never have even realised it was a bottle!

  2. That is absolutely gorgeous, that bottle was far too pretty to leave behind.


  3. Wonderful! I can't wait to see what you transform next!

  4. It's gorgeous! You did a great job. I've been meaning to do something like that with wine bottles... but then I'm not sure where I'd put it lol

  5. This is such a cute little project! Love the pattern on the base! You're very clever, I'd have electrocuted myself lol!

    Lottie xx

  6. You should be proud!! That turned out beautifully!!

  7. Wow. You are so clever. This is stunning x

  8. That is a great upcycling project - I would definitely place that anywhere in my home! Now, that is the kind of project I like. I don't want to upcycle and make plastic mats. I want to make something useful. This is awesome.


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