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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Book Excerpt - A Time for Everything by Mysti Parker

A Time for Everything
Mysti Parker

The war might be over, but their battle 
has just begun.

Set in 1866 Lebanon, Tennessee, this historical romance presents an unvarnished look 
into the complexities of the Reconstruction era. Take a step back in time to witness a 
poignant love story inspired by real-life accounts, novels such as Widow of the South and 
the classic Jane Eyre. 

After losing her husband and only child to the ravages of the Civil War, twenty-five-year-old Portia McAllister is drowning in grief. When she sees an ad for a live-in tutor in another town, she leaves everything behind in hopes of making a fresh start. But as a Confederate widow in a Union household, she is met with resentment from her new charge and her employer, war veteran Beau Stanford. 

Despite their differences, she and Beau find common ground and the stirrings of a second chance at love—until his late wife’s cousin, Lydia, arrives with her sights set on him. Burdened with a farm on the brink of bankruptcy, Beau is tempted by Lydia’s hefty dowry, though Portia has captured his heart. 

In another time and another place, his choice would be easy. But love seems impossible amid the simmering chaos of Reconstruction that could boil over at any moment into an all-out battle for survival. Will Beau and Portia find their way into each other’s arms, or will they be swept away by raging forces beyond their control? 

Publishing Date: 7/7/15

Print Length: 335 pages

Publisher: esKape Press

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Book Excerpt: 

He reached over and picked up a lock of her hair, running his fingers gently along its length. 

“I wish…” 

Her heart raced — he was so close, just a breath away. “You wish what?”

“That I could have kissed you just once.” He slowly let go of her hair and watched it fall 

over her shoulder.

Her cheeks flamed, hidden only by the dimness of night. She knew kissing Beau Stanford was 

beyond a bad idea. It could only tear her heart into a million more pieces, but he was everything she 

admired in a man. Kind, honest… vulnerable. He had no reason to love her. She could bring 

nothing to their marriage. Yet there he was, confessing his love in the most tender, innocent way he 

could. For once in her life, she didn’t want to weigh and measure every decision in her path. She 

wanted to follow her heart.

“If no one’s watching, then no one can care,” she whispered, letting go of her knees until her 

feet rested on the next step. 

Beau drew closer and lifted his hand to her chin, gently tilting it upward. Portia held her 

breath and closed her eyes as his lips gently met hers. She reached up and caressed his face, needing 

to feel his skin, his stubble, the strong jaw and square chin she’d come to love so much. The kiss 

was time-stopping and heartbreaking at the same time, like those she had once read about in fairy 

tales, like those she had once shared with Jake. 

Author Bio:
Mysti Parker is a wife, mother, and shameless chocoholic. While her first

love is romance, including five published books and an award-winning

historical, she enjoys writing flash fiction and children's stories. When

she's not writing, Mysti works as a freelance editor, serves as a mentor in a

7-week writing course (F2K) and reviews books for SQ Mag, an online

speculative fiction magazine. She resides in Buckner, KY with her

husband, three children and too many pets.

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  1. Uh OH--this sounds like another book I would fall in love with--I am a hopeless romantic. TBR list you are about to have another book added.

  2. Thanks so much for posting this, Sharon!! Miki, thanks for adding it to your list. If you get a chance to read it, I'd love to hear what you think :)

  3. Sounds interesting! i think it was a great book i love the romantic book gonna check this out


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