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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Jazzing up your iPad with teenage approval - check out Case Happy

If your looking for a cover for your phone, iPad, Kindle, laptop or basically a mobile device I urge you to check out Case Happy as we are so happy with our product.  I knew as soon as I clicked onto the iPad cover section which one my son would love, the Union Jack design as you can see below. 

I was so pleased when the product arrived as the design is just as striking in the real world as it is on the website.  It came in two parts, the ultra slim foldable front cover and the hard plastic back cover along with a screen protector, cleaning cloth and stylus pen, 

As you can see from my son's 'well used' iPad, the protective covers are well and truly needed.  The front cover is made from Polyurethane with the inside having a soft lining to protect the screen.  These covers are very easy to add to your iPad, first you simply click the magnetic strip of the front cover to the magnetic bar of the iPad itself.

Turn the iPad over, ensure you have the cover lined up the right way, as the cut out parts perfectly line up with your iPad speaker / buttons and then click into place.

And voila!  You have a brand new stylish looking iPad that get's the thumbs up from one very happy teenager.  Why does he like it so much?
"I love the design. it's so cool and it doesn't feel bulky it feels like its part of the iPad itself."
I've got to say I totally agree, very pleased with the quality and the look of the product, it's so nice to use being thin and the fact you can even use it as a stand when the front cover is folded up is another bonus.  Will certainly be getting another one for his jealous brother!

The Union Jack iPad cover is currently reduced to £19.95 from £29.95 so a great bargain!!  Although there are many other designs available and you can even customise your own cover.


Find Case Happy on the following sites...

Sharon x

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  1. What a fab iPad cover. It looks very durable! I've got a teenage son, so know what you mean about their computer stuff being 'well used', lol! Perfect timing for xmas present ideas, especially with the discount. We are a non Apple household though - do they do covers in different sizes, for Android tablets? Tx

    1. Yes they definitely do other sizes for other makes, check them out xx

  2. Love the Ipad cover looks really good I wouldn't mind that one myself

  3. I love that cover. And my kids would love a similar design.

  4. That looks like a great iPad cover, definitely "cool" enough for a teenager to use while still being sturdy enough for keep it safe from knocks and bumps. I could probably do with something similar for my Hudl!
    Sian xx Rebel Angel

  5. That would make a wonderful Christmas gift for teenagers! My son would love this on his Ipad I am sure, great find and thanks for sharing Rachel.

  6. Hmm I'm not sure if my previous comment sent! But I'll try again anyway :)

    I alwaaays have to have a case like this on my phone as I'm always dropping it! Haha but my niece has an iPad so something like this would be a great idea!

    Meimei xx

  7. Hum-my Mom has an IPad (how come she has all the electronics and I do not?) and she would definitely like a cover with pizazz!! I will look into these for her.

  8. My daughter would love this! I love how we can personalize it and make it our own.

  9. I am so going to check this out for a case for my laptop. I just bought it and want to keep it safe. Thanks for sharing. :)

  10. I would love a new case for my iPad. My old one just broke.

  11. These cases are too cute, needed a new one thanks for the recommendation!

  12. This looks really cute and creative. My daughter loves stuff like this, thanks for the recommendation!


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