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Friday, June 13, 2014

A pillow with water inside - intrigued? So were we when we tried the Mediflow Waterbased Pillow

When the pillows arrived we honestly didn't know what to expect, how can it be that much different from an normal pillow?  Our curiosity took hold, but once our heads hit the pillow we knew why.  I think we were both expecting to be laying on water but the water is actually at the base of the pillow, above that you have soft cushion (or hypoallergenic polyester fiber to be correct).  Due to the buoyancy of the waterbase at the bottom of the pillow when you lay your head down on it the pillow reshapes giving you fantastic support from your neck to your shoulders.   Normally I have to fluff my pillows up and then push them down a bit so the gap between my head and neck has some support, which is probably why I noticed this straight away.

Your head gently sinks into the pillow, depending on how you like your pillows.  A filling chart comes with the pillow giving you the option of having your pillow soft, medium or firm, we chose medium. It did feel a little strange to be pouring water into a pillow at first and before we had actually tried them I wouldn't have imagined buying any.  Now we have tried them and our opinions have totally changed.  As mentioned above the support the pillows give are one of the main benefits but also your level of sleep is so much deeper too, you actually feel that you have had a 'sleep'.

Our youngest was desperate to give the pillow a try, which left me going back to my normal pillow while hubbie still enjoyed his.  I felt a big difference, not only did my head not sink into the pillow but I totally missed the support I has started to get used to.  My son on the other hand said he loved how the pillow felt and said he managed to go to sleep straight away.  We have temporarily lost our pillow to him (not for too long though) so the next night hubbie gave me his and he used his normal pillows.  First thing he complained about was how they weren't as comfortable as the new ones, his head didn't go into the pillow and he did huff and puff for a while.  Now we are seriously thinking of getting another one, if we cannot prise the pillow away from our son.

Filling the pillows is actually very easy.  A funnel  comes with the pillow which also works as a opener.  You simply use this to turn and remove the cap.

You then need to choose the level of firmness of pillow you would prefer, refer to the filling chart for the amount of water you need to use.  You can use cold or lukewarm tap water for this.  Once the cap is removed fill the pillow with the water using the funnel (not shown on image below).

Follow the instructions to remove any possible air pockets, which is simply to push your fingers down the pillow until you reach the water level and then slide side wards towards the edges of the pillow.  Then simply replace cap.  The water can stay in the pillow for up to a year.  You are now ready to enjoy the benefits of the pillow.

This is the best pillow we have ever had, I cannot imagine going back to normal pillows after being given the chance to try these, they make such a difference to a nights sleep.  Buy one first and see what I mean then you can go ahead and purchase as many as you need.

The Mediflow pillow is the only clinically proven pillow on the market by Johns Hopkins University to reduce neck pain and enhance quality of sleep. You also get a 3 year warranty for any manufacturing defects.

Available to buy at and many other stores.

For more information on the pillows go to the Mediflow website or Mediflow UK website

Sharon x

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  1. What a great idea! I am definitely going to try one of these out.The pillows we have at the moment are terrible.

  2. How interesting! never seen a water pillow before.


  3. Oh how I love this idea and if I thought Ms Claws aka Baby aka Brat Cat wouldn't manage to use it as a jumping off point--she occasionally jumps from from bed to the highboy next to the window or to decide to like to KNEAD it (she has needle claws) I would buy one in a NY minute!

  4. Wow I have never heard of a water pillow. I'm glad I read this because I would have never given it a second thought because I too would expect it to feel like laying on water.

  5. I have such an issue with pillows, that I'm willing to try anything, these sound very different Two Hearts One Roof

  6. Oh wow I've never heard of this before but I have such issues with my pillows I'll definitely be on the look out for them


  7. What an interesting concept! It's like a waterbed for your head.

  8. I never thought about adding water to a pillow but sounds like a comfy idea!

  9. I bet I would like that pillow. I slept on a water bed a couple of times and liked it.

  10. I have wanted to try this for so long. Now I want to try it more with your review. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Wow these sound really good, I've never heard of them before! I'll have to have a look :)

  12. I've never heard of these before, they look interesting!

  13. What a cool concept for a pillow! I love that it's customizable depending on how much water you add. I tend to be a picky pillow person, but being able to customize is a key feature I look for.


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