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Monday, March 17, 2014

Book Review - The Long Goodbye by James Robinson Jr, Johnson Family Chronicles, Book 2

Book Review
The Long Goodbye 
by James Robinson Jr

Book Description
Under the sweltering Savannah sun, magnolia trees bloom and a posh wedding takes place. The happy couple, open bar, opulent favors and scrumptious food are merely window dressing for the real drama…Fifty-five-year-old Samuel is mesmerized by Kat, the gorgeous maid of honor who is half his age and is doubly interested in him. Samuel’s wife, Tabitha, fights desperately to draw his attentions back to her and their floundering marriage. Meanwhile, Samuel’s mother, Maxine, runs into a man from her past. As the liquor flows, lips are loosened and the truth wins out. Will Samuel be led astray by the promise of restoring his own waning youth? Will Maxine find new love with an old flame?

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About the Author
James Robinson, Jr. is a sixty-year-old father of three, thirty-plus daughters and grandfather of four.

He was late getting into the writing game. He has written and published most of the books since 2012. His first book being, Fighting the Effects of Gravity, which was a long-term project that he started long before the digital revolution. Followed by, Death of a Shrinking Violet, which consists of 13 essays including the memorable entry, "Damn You Sam's Club!" His first foray into the world of fiction, a novella, The Book of Samuel.

He has been awarded two Five-Star Readers' Favorite Reviews and become an Indie Excellence and Readers' Favorite Award finalist.

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Our Book Review
This was a great light hearted read that made me chuckle right from the beginning as it follows the antics of a family attending a close friends wedding.

The story centres around Samuel and his wife Tabitha, Samuel's parents Maxine and Samuel Snr, not forgetting about good old Uncle Ray.  I'm sure every family must have an Uncle Ray with his loud, life and soul of the party ways.  The wedding they are attending is for the daughter of Maxine's closest friend Gail. Although there is already tension in the air before the wedding has even started as the previous wedding they attended for Gail's other daughter ended up with the bride running off with her lover before the 'I do' part.

All in not well behind the scenes of this family trip though as feelings of sadness, lack of love and affection is multiplied by drink, leading to crazy events and creating temptation.

I loved the humor throughout the story, well what I took as humor, maybe I was just enjoying the book too much!   The author's writing had the story flowing really well, it was down to earth almost familiar in some areas in the way families engage and react to each other.

There are some swear words in the story that I did feel were unnecessary but it didn't really affect the overall read.

A quick, enjoyable read that was a great tonic, I couldn't wait to find out what was going to happen next. I feel that there is much more to come with this family.  Looking forward to reading more from this author.

Our Rating

Also Available
Book of Samuel 
Johnson Family Chronicles, Book 1

Stranded in the Savannah, Georgia Airport after a family wedding, Dr. Samuel Johnson—a Gynecologist—his wife and his parents confront their family emotional baggage even as their Louis Vitton luggage makes its way to the families final destination. During his eight-hour layover in Savannah, Samuel discovers the painful secrets that mull his father’s past, suffers through the erratic behavior of his mother, and even his lovely even-keeled wife has acquired an inexplicably hard edge. He is also forced to confront the fact that he has grown weary of his all-consuming medical practice and longs for another life. As tensions rise, more and more secrets are revealed as the airport becomes the family’s battleground. Can Samuel find a way to make things right?

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Sharon x

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  1. Thanks for the nice review, Sharon (I assume that's 4 birds out of 5). Glad you enjoyed the book -- except for my little language thing. Book of Samuel is actually Book II. Book III is in the works. I'll make certain that you get it.


  2. Sounds like an interesting read! Thanks for the review!

  3. I do like a very interesting story, thanks for sharing.

  4. I read both of these books and enjoyed them thoroughly! I really am anxiously awaiting the next in this family saga!!!

  5. Nothing quite like crazy family drama at a wedding! lol Sounds like a fun read!

  6. Aww...what a nice love story novel. Love is an amazing thing.

  7. Sounds like a realistic, emotional family chaos that we all go through at times. You could have been talking about my family (or reading about) Sounds like theres a lot to possibly connect to!

  8. Just reading the snippet, makes me want to have the whole book to read.

  9. Mmm sounds like a great book to read. Thanks for the review and giving us a heads up.

  10. Finally, I am able to comment. Anyway, this is one interesting and so intriguing read. Thank you for sharing your review. And for some reason I understand about you said the humor of the book. I mean, I have not read this book, but by reading your own review I can tell the humor this book has.

  11. I haven't been married but my brother was. There was a break between the photos and the reception. I and some others decided to go to a bar. The bride and groom had not made any other arrangements so they came with us. The bar obviously was not used to this and kept knocking their classes to have the couple kiss. My brother finally had to put a stop to that or they would have been in a continuous clinch!

  12. sorry, forgot to leave my name MPaula


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