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Monday, September 2, 2013

Win $10 Amazon Giftcard Giveaway from author of The Handfasting, David Burnett

 photo handfastinggiveaway_zpsd956322a.jpg

Two lucky winners will each receive a $10 Amazon Giftcard to spend
This giveaway has been brought to you by author of The Handfasting, David Burnett
Open Worldwide
Ending on Sunday 22nd September at 11.59pm EST

Ten years had passed since they had joined hands in the ruins of the old abbey church. Standing before the high altar, they were handfasted in the Celtic custom, engaged to be married.

A rose bush had bloomed beside the ruined altar. Stephen had reached out to caress one of the flowers.

“I’ll find you,” he had said. “In ten years, when we have finished school, when we are able to marry, I’ll find you. Until then, whenever you see a yellow rose, remember me. Remember I love you.”

In those ten years, Katherine had finished college, completed med school, and become a doctor. In those ten years they had not seen each other, had not spoken, and had not written.

It was what they had agreed.

For a decade, she had been waiting, hoping, praying.

Today ─ her birthday─ she finds a vase of yellow roses when she reaches home.

Stephen, though, is not Katherine’s only suitor. Bill Wilson has known her since they were in high school. He has long planned to wed her, and he finally decides to stake his claim.

Although the action occurs primarily in New York City, psychologically, the story is set in a small town in Virginia. Change came slowly to the rural South in the nineteen-seventies, and attitudes toward women were most resistant to change. Women were expected to be subservient to men, to have children, to keep house. A woman was to be above reproach, and any hint of scandal was met with censure, with ostracism, with shame. These attitudes threaten to destroy Katherine and the life of which she dreams.

The Handfasting is a story of love renewed, a suitor spurned, a vicious attack, a struggle for healing. It is a story of love that survives.

Enter Below and Good Luck !!
Sharon x

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  1. I would save them !

  2. I'd probably put it toward purchasing a couple different books on Amazon.


  3. I would spend my $10 on my Kindle fire HD book purchases!

  4. I'm not sure, I have a few books on my wish list that I really want to buy so I might put it towards buying one of those.

  5. i'd get some ebooks for the kids

  6. I would save the $10 to put towards Christmas gifts,thanks!
    (Karla Sceviour)

  7. I would spend my $10 on music

  8. I'd save it then if I have enough, I'd go buy books. Thanks! :)

  9. I'd probably horde it for more ebooks

  10. I'd buy some books I've been wanting!!! Yay!


    mrsdayseye at gmail dot com

  11. I probably would spend it on books!

  12. I would save it to buy a Kindle Fire! ;)

  13. I would save it to buy a kindle fire! ;)

  14. I would save it for Christmas presents.
    Wendy Clark
    Clarksrfun at gmail dot com

  15. I'll buy a book that's not available here. Thanks for the awesome giveaway! :D

  16. I would get some books!
    Thanks for the giveaway! =)


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