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Thursday, April 25, 2013

iPad protection from the boys thanks to The Snugg

Since we made the expensive decision to buy both the boys an iPad at Christmas I''ve been on constant watch worrying that they will get damaged or dropped.  I'm sure most of you know what I mean and I'm not the only 'on guard' parent.  Both my boys are now into their early teenage years and are fairly responsible when it comes to things like looking after their belongings.  That being said, I still bought them a zipped protective iPad wallet to put them away in on a night along with the screen protectors.

What I didn't realise was how much the iPad's would actually be used by both the boys and us alike, they are so handy to have at hand.   They are constantly placed anywhere around the home and could so easily be knocked off or dropped, especially with two rather energetic dogs around, so I have been looking round for an iPad case that will allow you to use it while having some protection at the same time.
After searching for the ideal case I came across The Snugg website.  All their cases are made from PU Leather in some absolutely gorgeous colours, custom fit for the different iPad's available and come with not only The Snugg's quality promise but also a lifetime guarantee, that's when you know your buying quality crafted goods.  The cases come with a flip stand which can be used in different ways, a hand strap that you can use when holding the iPad plus the all important loop for the boy's stylus pen which is perfect to stop them from loosing them all the time. 

I showed the boys and got the thumbs up and they quickly picked their colours - one is bright orange and the other is electric blue, now I would have gone for the baby pink or the lovely brown but that's just me!  They delivery to the UK and other countries which for me is an absolutely total bonus, usually I see great products and then realise that they cannot deliver to the UK.


When the Snugg iPad3 Cases arrived I was really impressed with the quality of the cases and the quality and strength of the stitching which really is really striking.  Inside the case is a slightly softer material almost velvety to touch, which is a nice cushion for the iPad and makes it easier to slide it into the pouch.  The iPad is secured in place by three sides of stitched leather and on the side that you slide it into it by a leather flap secured by velcro.  What I did like was that everything was in the right place and made to measure, the on/off button is fully visible and easy to use, the camera is fully available not only of the front of the iPad but also on the back and you even have an opening in the right place for the charger.

The case can also be made into a stand by simply turning the case cover over and sliding the edge into a fairly sturdy leather tab, ideal if your using them on a table or other hard surface.  You can also have the iPad vertical as well.

The boy's verdict
We love the bright colours which are very cool.  It looks and feels great and our favourite part is the handle/hand strap which makes it so much easier for us to hold.  Total thumbs up.

You can see from the above image the leather at the top and the cushioned material underneath which is the inside of the case.  The hand strap is strongly elasticated at either end to fit your hand in much easier.  Overall I was really impressed with the quality and would happily recommend it.

Obviously they make a lot more than iPad cases, such as tablet cases, headrest mount holders, smartphone cases and cases for kindle and more,  I highly recommend that you check out them out at 

You can also find them on:
Also on Amazon ....

Sharon x

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  1. If I had an IPad or anything similar I would certain;y check these out! My cat has a tendency to "swat" things off surfaces to get my attention!!

    1. Lol, my dogs are just so crazy, I've lost count of how many times they have knocked things over.

  2. Those looks so cool, and I love the colors. I do not have an ipad or anything similar so wouldn't be useful to me... But maybe some day :-)

  3. These are cool and the colors are good for kids to. I would prefer black lol but my son would be like blue, red, or green. We got him a tablet for Christmas, I am so glad we only spent like 79 bucks on it cause it sits untouched.

  4. I now have an ipad mini and need a new cover. Thanks for the info, love the colors.

  5. Thanks fro letting me know about this company I need an Ipad cover

  6. Those look very nice. My husband just bought a mini iPad I will have to look for a cover for him.

  7. the colors are amazing. and they look like they are made of great quality materials too. perfect for ipad protection.

  8. These are the cases they use where I used to work, everyone loved them.

  9. i love the colors .... planning to buy a white iPad cover , i might check this website ...

  10. That looks very stylish and also love the colors!

  11. Pretty nice bright colors, wow....getting both an iPad is really a big decision, well as long as they take good care of it. and shows them that everything is precious and needs to be taken care off i'm sure they'll be fine.

  12. Very nice piece of protection for iPads. I like the orange color.


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