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Monday, April 8, 2013

A Tasty Surprise thanks to @SwizzelsMatlow plus receive 10% OFF

Can you imagine the excitement that ran through our house when the boys found out that we were going to review sweets from Swizzels-Matlow?  The debate began on which sweets to choose from when we searched their online shop, finally after quite some time we decided on the Double Lolly box, the Fizzers box and the assortment box although without compromise we could have been there a lot longer choosing from all the goodies on display.  

I have never seen the boys move so fast when the postman knocked on the door with the parcel.  
And we got a very pleasant surprise when we opened the box! 
Best choice, by far, was the assortment box, full of all our favourites and more. 

Our Favourites (if we really must decide!)
My favourite has to be the Parma Violets, a packet of small hard disc shaped sweets with an unusual yet wonderful violet taste.  If you have never tasted these they are a must try!

My hubbies favourite are the Drumstick Lollies,  these chewy lollies are bursting with fruity raspberry and milky taste and the longer they are in your mouth the softer the texture gets, I really like these as well.  I read that Trevor Matlow created these by accident in 1957 when he was experimenting with a wrapping machine and discovered that it was possible to pour two flavours into the machine – milk and raspberry – and insert a stick, pure genius.

My oldest son, like his Mam, also loves Parma Violets but also loves the identical sized Fizzers.  Size is where the comparison stops as the name suggests these are fizzy when placed in the mouth, they come in a mix of colours and fruity tastes. 

My youngest son has always loved the Double Lollies, two different coloured and flavoured chalky lollies that are fairly long lasting or can be bitten into if your impatient and can't wait.

I was going to describe Parma Violets as refreshing but suddenly realised that all their sweets are, every single one of them, full of taste and completely refreshing.

File:Lovehearts.jpgAlthough not our first favourite, Love Hearts have to become a very close second.  These are so cute and remind me of my childhood.  We loved buying these as kids, opening up the packet to reveal what the first Love Heart saying was and showing each other, we would then take it in turns to pick the next sweet to see who got which saying.  Similar texture to the chalky Double Lollies, these come in a mix of colours and fruity tastes.  You can now even buy personalised Love Hearts for weddings or businesses.  I noticed that even One Direction now have their own Love Hearts that you can buy.

One family favourite that was not in the assortment box but has to be mentioned is Refreshers.  Probably again going back to my childhood as I used to spend many a day working my way through a Refreshers bar.  These lemony, fruity, tangy chews with fizz in the centre can now be bought as small chews and all the family love these, totally refreshing as the name suggests.

It was my youngest son's birthday this weekend, so his friends certainly got a tasty surprise when they came round to celebrate and couldn't wait to dive in!!   We went to the cinema on the evening and the assortment box was perfect for making their sweet bags.

Quality and taste would be my first answer, plus the assurance of a trusted family owned brand that has been around a lot longer than me in fact they started making sweets in 1928 in a small warehouse in London and now make their famous sweets in an extended former textile mill in New Mills, Derbyshire and employ over 600 local staff.  Swizzels-Matlow are now the largest independent family owned confectionery company in Britain.   All their 250 products are free from artificial colours.

Did you know that -
In 1971 Swizzels Ltd received the Queen's Award to Industry for export achievement. (a very special year indeed as I was born).

In 1991 the late Diana, Princess of Wales visited the factory and was presented with specially commissioned Love Hearts.

2000- Love Hearts was included in the Millennium Dome as an icon of the 20th century.

2003: Special Love Heart to celebrate HRH Prince William's 21st birthday was created: 'HAPPY 21 WILLS'.

2011- Love Hearts gift box launched to commemorate the wedding of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. The Love Heart wrappers read "Congratulations William and Catherine 29th April 2011".

2011 - Artist Mark Kennedy was comissioned to make a mosaic out of Love Hearts to celebrate the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

2013 - Harry Willsher, aged 12, won the dream job as an official taster for Swizzels Matlow and will spend the next year sampling sweets.

More than seven million Love Hearts are made every day, stamped with 134 different messages as well as more than 14 tons of chew sweets, 40,000 bags of Rainbow Drops and nearly 300,000 Double Dip lollies.

Check out their online shop where you can find gifts galore, personalised Love Heart ideas and money saving offers on all your favourites.   
You can receive 10% off any purchase using our unique discount code beck10 at the checkout until April 30th.

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Sharon x

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  1. Wow, that was a lot of sweets! I could tell your boys really likes to eat candies! :)

  2. that is wonderful, that big boxes is full of those goodies? amazing...really lucky of you and your boys are enjoying it i bet, it shows on their faces

  3. I have a sweet tooth that I now have to curb!! All of these sound too good--and that assortment pack is calling my name. I have to admit I never did like the violet tasting candy---

  4. wow wow wow!!! that is so cool! so generous of them! had tweeted for you!

  5. We are using this type of candy for potty training. I will have to check into that box, it would hopefully last until my little one is trained.

  6. me three, i have a sweet tooth. looks like you have a happy band there after receiving your pr. these candies looks tasty indeed.

  7. What a fun box to get in the mail! Looks like the family was thrilled!

  8. So much candy! My son would be going bonkers if he saw all that in this house :)

  9. They all look way to yummy! The kids here would [and Adults] would love this!

  10. OMG! I would love to have a box right now! It would be fantastic for my kid's summer departure treats to their friends.


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