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Monday, March 4, 2013

Book Review - Project 111 by Gerard de Marigny

Book Review
Project 111
(book 4 in the Cris De Niro series)
by Gerard de Marigny

About the author
PictureWith his bestselling debut political thriller, THE WATCHMAN OF EPHRAIM, Gerard de Marigny burst upon the literary world stage with vigor and poise! Founding JarRyJorNo Publishing in January 2011, de Marigny dons many hats, that of publisher, graphic designer, marketer, as well as author. The result, so far, has been a sparkling debut novel that became a #1 Amazon Bestselling Geopolitical Thriller! Quickly followed with books 2, 3 and 4 of the Cris De Niro series, BOOK II - SIGNS OF WAR,  BOOK III - RISE TO THE CALL, BOOK IV - PROJECT 111 and the author is already at work writing BOOK V - Nothing So Glorious, plus a first book from a new Archangel Mission Logs series, The Eagle's Plume.

In his youth, de Marigny was the lead guitarist for 80's rock band, AMERICADE. Though the last lineup of the band broke up in 1995, de Marigny was approached by Aaron McCaslin, President of Retrospect Records, a label dedicated to promoting heavy rock bands from the 80's, offering a record contract. The result has become a remarkable 70-song, 4-CD boxed set branded, AMERICADENCE: 1980 ~ 1995 (which includes unreleased recordings) bringing back to life the entire musical catalog of AMERICADE.

Gerard de Marigny currently resides in the beautiful foothills surrounding Las Vegas, NV with his wife Lisa and their four sons. When he's not writing his novels, you'll find him bending an arm at a local pub with friends.

Book Description
Cris De Niro and The Watchman Agency return to rescue one of their own. Scipio has been taken prisoner and is being held in the notorious Iranian Evin prison. With the U.S. and Iran on the brink of war, only De Niro himself can save him, but not without the help of an adversary. Complicating matters, De Niro also learns of the existence of top-secret plans, code-named “Project 111,” outlining the placement of a nuclear bomb inside an Iranian missile. De Niro & company must find a way to free Scipio, snatch the plans from the North Korean embassy in Tehran, and escape with their lives. At home, an old Korean War hero vows to avenge the death of his granddaughter at the hands of a ruthless gang leader. ARCHANGEL is sent to the tough streets of Chicago to protect him, but they soon find that a man’s courage and valor do not diminished with age. Filled with the unique style that de Marigny’s fans have come to expect from him,

Our Book Review
Following on from Rise to the Call, Cris de Niro and his watchman agency are back, when one of his own men has disappeared, de Niro is worried and has to call in a lot of favours from prominent statesman to achieve his goal. De Niro also receives a call from an old Korean War hero to help protect his granddaughter from the hands of a gang leader .

Again the master story teller has the reader enthralled and involved in the novel . The author knowledge and research is evident thorough out and adds spice to the adventure .

The characters resolve show that through the trial and ordeal, friendship and survival are the most important things in every one lives. The contacts de Niro has to use show when you do someone a favour on it's return it comes back twofold.

In the book the different ideologies that the main protagonists have shine through, but as you make an enemy a friend it shows that respect and tact can win the day.

Another masterpiece from this author. The way the characters are growing is amazing but you also develop your own personnel attachment with each one .

There is more emotion felt in this book as you really find out what a true leader Cris De Niro is and what he feels about all the people who work for him are worth.

This author is now on my reading list along with Lee Child, Peter Robinson and Ian Rankin.

Our Rating

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Sharon x

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  1. This book sounds right up my alley! Although I love Historical Romances-I also Love Thrillers, especially Political and Medical!! I like the fact that this musician turned author bothered to research. Definitely going on my TBR list!

  2. Sounds like a great suspenseful read! It's always neat to see where the author has been and is coming from in his writing.

  3. I am not really into political books, myself, but I think this is right up my husband's alley. He loves reading the Bourne books and anything by Tom Clancy, and from what he tells me, this seems like the same genre. Thanks for the suggestion!


  4. This sounds pretty interesting--I am off to read more about the author. Since it got so popular on Amazon--It must be good!

  5. Mick loves stuff like this!! Thank you! You just helped me find an Easter gift for him!!

  6. Sounds very much like a book my brother would enjoy. Forwarding him this link! Thanks :)

  7. Not sure if I would personally get into this book, but does sound like could be interesting.


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