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Friday, August 17, 2012

The Extreme Pet Bloggers Blog Hop

We're taking part in this wonderful Extreme Pet Bloggers Blog Hop hosted by Two Little Cavaliers
to help spread the word of all the animals awaiting homes and loving new owners across the world.
Pop on over and link up xx

My name is Sharon I would like to introduce you to our two family dogs, Harvey and Gwen, both previously being rescue dogs.  
Harvey was our first of the pair and he is a Border Terrier WITH a Border Terrier attitude !!  At the time my hubbie said 'NO' to another dog, as our previous dog had to be helped to doggie heaven due to illness and he didn't want to have to go through another heartbreak all over again.  But as any dog owner will tell you a dog is your best friend who you can share my joyous years with.   Even after many plea's both from myself and the children the answer still remained a firm 'NO'.  

Then one day on a school holiday I thought it would be a good idea to pop into the local rescue kennels, you know just to have a look while dad was at work!  And there he was just sat with them sad eyes !!  Who could resist?  We took him for a little walk and even took a photo to send dad while he was safely miles away at work.  I'm glad to say we ALL fell in love with the cheeky chappy and decided to adopt him.  What I didn't expect was that we could actually take him home there and then after paying the fee, oh my word the panic.
After a year of having Harvey we thought it would be lovely to have a companion for him.  Before we set off the criteria was another small dog with short hair.  As usual nothing goes to plan and we ended up falling in love in Gwen a long haired medium sized Border Collie.  She knew how to play the game by totally giving hubbie the sad eyes and following him everywhere.  We signed all the paperwork and arranged a day to bring Harvey up so they can meet and play.  Luckily the date went well and we were accepted to adopt.  We returned another day to attend a adoption talk which then followed bringing Gwen home.

Harvey was quite used to being the boss of the house, so when Gwen turned up it took him a while to get used to another bossy pants.  It's quite funny now to watch as Gwen tells Harvey off if he is doing anything wrong but as the time has passed Harvey has become more loving towards Gwen and now they're just like a married couple.

They are now a happy part of our family and the children absolutely love them to bits.  I can't imagine live without the dogs now x

Harvey was rescued for our local council stray dog home and was a week away from being put down. Gwen was rescued from Dogs Trust close to us, check out there site for plenty of lovely dogs need a new loving home - Dogs Trust
Dogs Trust


  1. Adoption really is the best. :) My baby girl has gone through so much but I've never regretted adopting her.
    Whirlwind of Surprises

  2. Life is much definitely better with a dog in it! I couldn't not have a dog either. Glad you found 2 to share your life!

    Stopping by from the Extreme Pet Bloggers Blog Hop to say Hi!

  3. I've just hopped over from the extreme pet blogger blog hop to say hi.

    A house is not a home without a dog in it. Lovely story.

    I'm now following you.


  4. Stopping by from the Extreme Pet Bloggers Blog Hop! Harvey and Gwen are adorable!!


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