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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Saving Money by playing games !! Yes please Zookt!!

This is an amazing idea, for someone like myself who, before blogging 24/7, became addicted to certain Zynga games with no rewards apart from a new cooking stove or kitchen chair, whoopee!!  Well all that is about to change, let me introduce you to Zookt, yes you play games but the rewards are REAL !!

From thousands of great deals you select the one that you really want and play live against 16 other people  to win that deal (or 64 people on the daily deals).  The games are Hearts, Random Color and my favorite Bingo. 


Here is another great advantage, you can earn Zookt currency, called 'Zooks', simply by playing games, leaving feedback, sharing on fb, twitter etc and referring friends.  Zooks can then be used against the games entrance fees.  Now here is my tip, simply by referring friends, if your friend then plays a game in the first week of referring them you earn a massive 2500 zooks !! Yes you did read that right, 2500 zooks !! 

Here is an example of one I spotted and would love to win - White Apple iPad 2 White WiFI 16GB (2nd Generation) to be won for $32.32 against 16 players  (that includes shipping). You can pay the entry fee, use your earned zooks or a combination of both, if your the winner there is nothing else to pay and you have won yourself an amazing deal.  Obviously if you lose you need to practice that bit more, which you can by playing for free against the computer until you feel unbeatable.  

There are many deals that are less to enter such as in the book category I found The Hunger Games Trilogy Set for $5.10 playing against 16 players or the most talked about books Fifty Shades Trilogy set in Audiobook for $9.67, again only against 16 players.

Some of the deals I looked at offer upto 90% off, which is more than enough incentive to have a go, take a look at their featured deals. plus simply by registering you earn yourself 100 zooks straight away.

They're on Facebook and Twitter aswell.


  1. What a cool idea. Play games and win real prizes. I used to love some of the games like bejeweled on the old yahoo games (before blogging and 3 kids lol)..... Tahnks for telling me about this!

  2. Cool idea for Zookt you mean! Sheesh, they make a killing off of this. Do the math!

  3. I am currently addicted to some zynga games LOL maybe I'll check out this site that bingo looks fun :)

  4. This looks pretty neat! I'll have to check it out!


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