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Friday, June 22, 2012

TGIF and Feature and Follow Friday !!

Beck Valley Books Weekly Book Blog Hop

Hosted by GReads, this weeks question is ...

Authors Are Our Celebrities: Have you ever contacted 
an author you admired? How did that experience go?  If not, which author would you love to have a chat with? 

Since I started blogging I have met some wonderful authors, its great to be in touch with them, share ideas and give and receive feedback.  Some authors that first come to mind are the authors that helped me when I first began blogging although I could have listed nearly all the authors I have come into contact with to be honest.  

I first got in touch with John when I arranged to review his book The Imitation of Patsy Burke, I can still remember just how much my hubbie loved this book he couldn't put it down,  we also hosted a signed book giveaway.  John seemed to have become part of our family during that time, I was very pleased to have been introduced to John and still look back fondly at our time working together.

I was also lucky to be connected to Raji around the time I had met John.  I reviewed her absolute amazing book Inner Pilgrimage and hosted a signed book giveaway for her.  I had always wanted to attend a spiritual retreat but had never managed it and reading Raji's book was truly  inspirational.  I think fate was something to do with our meeting and we still keep in touch even now, a truly wonderful person and friend.

Another amazing person I have met through blogging is April, we initially connected to review her book, Absolution, and host another signed book giveaway.  Since then we have remained in contact and I have hosted another giveaway for her and am due to review her other books Turnabout and Rebuke.  I always smile when I receive April's messages, there always a sense of happiness in them.

Gain New Blog Followers

Hosted by Parajunkee & Alison Can Read this weeks question...

Q: If you could "unread" a book, which one would it be? Is it because you want to start over and experience it again for the first time? Or because it was THAT bad?

Oh my word, finally a question I'm not struggling with this week, in fact I answered it within seconds.
I would love to unread and re-read Super Born by Keith Kornell, what an absolute amazing experience.  Science fiction/fantasy is not a genre I would normally read, in fact I never have, for some reason I decided to pick Super Born to review and have never looked back.  I remember being absolutely hooked on reading it and couldn't put it down, I was so disappointed when I finished although it was a sheer joy to read.  Totally has changed my view now on this genre and so looking forward to reading his next book.
Super Born - Seduction of Being by Keith Kornell


  1. Haven't heard of those authors or that book! But I will be sure to steer clear of that one!

    Here's my Friday Hops

    Have a GREAT weekend!

    Old Follower :)

  2. Some books are just epic.

    My FF

    New follower.

  3. To be honest not a huge fan of Sci Fi but if it made you think then maybe I should give it a shot.

    New Follower

    My FF

  4. Love your book vow (left here). Thanks so much for the shout out. Give yourself some credit, you wonderful soul. My book and I simply happened to pass by your town on our journey home :)

    1. Quite creative for a non-writer isnt it lol and thanku xx

  5. It's always a pleasure to be able to meet and truly become friends with authors. It sounds like you've got great relationships with these three, and that's definitely special.

  6. New Follower GFC!

    I have not read that one :)

  7. Hi, love the blog! I followed on GFC, NB and Linky. I would love it if you could check out my blog:

  8. This looks like a great book :)
    New follower from the Blog Hop
    My Wonderfully Dysfunctional Blog


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