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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Toby says Hello & shares a little of On Toby's Terms !

Lets have some more Toby Time!!  Just can't get enough of him!!

Woofy Facts 
  • Toby is a rather cheeky and adorable Chesapeake Bay retriever 
  • His BFF (best friend forever) is Lauren
  • Favourite toys - The KONG, new balls from his friends Jayden and Sara, and surprise toys from Alex and Zachery!
  • Favourite Activities - Fetching Balls, sticks, stuffed animals, pretty much anything! Aswell as swimming and searching for balls, sticks, stuffed animals…pretty much anything hidden around the house 
  • Favourite Hobby - Volunteering at a hospital with the CHIMO Project, a well-respected Pet Assisted Therapy Program in Edmonton, Alberta.
  • Favourite Project - Co-writing two books !! On Toby's Tales and Toby and his Hospital Patients
  • Favourite Websites - His own of course !! Toby's Tales and On Toby's Terms
  • He is soon going to be a MOVIE STAR!!
  • Toby has a MISSION !!  A Million Acts of Kindness – Toby’s Global Mission.  The goal - to bring kindness to the forefront in family, community, workplace, and ultimately, the world. Toby knows that every act of kindness that is extended, leaves a PAWsitive impact and inspires another. 

    A little doggy excerpt from his book On Toby's Terms
    Oh, Toby!
    You never know when your life is going to change.
    “Hi, honey,” I said into my cell phone as I unlocked my
    car. “I gave my presentation; it went great, and I’m on my
    way home. How was your day?”
    “My day was wonderful . . . until I walked into the
    “Uh-oh . . .”
    “The place is a total disaster.
    Your dog knocked over all
    four dining room chairs, the lamp in the living room, and

    that little table your mom gave you.”
    "My dog?” I sank into the driver’s seat, clutching my cell

    phone, suddenly dreading the three-hour drive from Calgary
    back to Edmonton because of what I envisioned I’d
    find when I got home.
    “I’m at my wits’ end, Char. There’s mud and blood
    I froze in the act of turning the ignition key. “Blood?”
    “That darned dog climbed on the kitchen counter,
    knocked over the knife block, and cut two of his feet. Then
    he tracked blood all over the kitchen, the living room, the
    hallways, the basement . . .”
    “Is he okay?”
    he okay? What about me?
    I cringed at the volume of his voice. “I’m sorry, honey,”
    I said, visualizing our eighty-five pound Chesapeake Bay
    retriever walking across the kitchen counter, the sink, and
    stove, tracking blood. “How bad are his cuts?”
    “Not too bad, but I had to pin him down to get his feet
    cleaned up and bandage his two front paws. He’ll live.”
    Christopher didn’t sound altogether pleased at the
    Under other circumstances, a vision of my normally
    mild-mannered and easygoing husband chasing our dog
    through the house might have been amusing. But not now.
    Apart from the cut feet, which was a new twist, this was
    not the first—or the second, or the third—disaster we’d
    faced since bringing Toby into our home a few months earlier.
    It was peculiar, because for the first few weeks after we
    got him, things had been quite uneventful. But now one
    incident led to another.
    “There’s more,” Chris said. “He knocked the books and
    candles off the coffee table and tipped the wooden table in
    the foyer over so it was blocking the door. I could barely get
    in. The flower planters were knocked over and so was the
    water cooler, which had a full canister of water in it this
    2 On Toby’s Terms
    morning. Not now. Now the water’s all over our nice hardwood
    floor. That damn dog tore the boot racks from the
    closet wall and emptied the contents into the front
    entrance. He tracked bloody footprints all over the downstairs
    carpet. The house looks like a crime scene.”
    “It can’t be that bad.”
    “It can’t? You wouldn’t recognize the kitchen or living
    room. Char, when I assess all the damage caused by this
    unruly, incorrigible, untrained, ill-mannered, and soon-tohave-
    another-home dog . . .”
    “Don’t say that. I know there have been some problems,
    but Toby’s a great dog in so many ways. He’s just got a little
    problem and we’ll fix it.”
    little problem? You should see the phone in the
    kitchen. It’s bloody, too. Maybe he was trying to call 9-1-1.”
    “That’s funny, Chris!” I laughed. “Just hang on, honey.
    I’ll be home soon.”
    Not funny,” my dear husband replied. “I’ve had it this
    time. I’m done with that dog!”
    “Please, just hang on. When I get home, I’ll help you
    clean up after my . . . after
    our dog.”
    I heard him release a deep breath. “We can’t keep living
    on Toby’s terms.”
    But lately we were.
    Oh, Toby! 

    Say hi to Toby over on Facebook and be his Facebook Friend !! 
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  1. Toby sounds like he has really grown into a fine dog.

  2. This is a book I'd love to share with my family, including our furry son, Rex! Thanks for the introduction!

  3. Wow, funny story, I think I would like to read that. If my dog did all that she would be finding a new home. Not dealing with that.

  4. Thanks so much! This is fabulous
    Charmaine, author

  5. I had a golden lab and I can relate to the puppy hood of trying to survive until they grow manners. Sounds like a wonderful book.

  6. That was a much needed chuckle...thank you :)

  7. I need to get these books! Sound like what my family would enjoy!


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