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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Book Review - The Blackhope Enigma by Teresa Flavin

Book Review
The Blackhope Enigma
by Teresa Flavin

About the Author
Teresa Flavin is an illustrator who is also an author of illustrated historical fantasy novels for ages 9+. Her critically acclaimed debut novel, The Blackhope Enigma (Templar Publishing UK), has been short-listed for a number of UK book awards and is a Junior Library Guild selection for Fall 2011 in the USA (Candlewick Press). The sequel, The Crimson Shard, is published in the UK by Templar and will be published in the USA by Candlewick Press in September 2012. She is currently at work on her third novel for young people.

American-born Teresa lives in Scotland, which provides the setting for The Blackhope Enigma. She maintains a studio, where she not only writes, but illustrates and makes paintings for gallery exhibitions.

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Book Description
A gripping debut novel that's got it all: adventure, drama, history, mystery, a little love and a really loathsome villain. For centuries, Blackhope Tower has been shrouded in intrigue, which seems to centre around a curious painting hanging in the Mariner's Chamber. Its meaning has baffled historians, but when fourteen-year-old Sunni Forrest visits the tower she finds herself transported to the very heart of the Blackhope Enigma, and the painting itself. Can she and her friend Blaise overcome its dangers and evade their ruthless pursuers? And will they find their way home... alive? An age-old mystery is about to unravel. (Age Range: 9+)

Book Review
Imagine standing looking at a painting full of everyday life, have you ever imagined yourself in one?  Well this is what happened accidentally to Dean, younger brother of Sunni as they were looking at a famous Il Corvo painting.  Actually trapped inside the painting, walking round the motionless life of the painting.  Sunni then enters the painting to rescue her younger brother, but will she find him?   Then you have Blaise, Sunnis' friend,  who just doesnt know what to do ?  He finally decides to join them and help them find their way out.  But how will he find them? 

Unfortunately for them, it's not going to be straightforward.  They realise that the painting has secret magical layers underneath each other revealing other worlds, each full of danger.  Will they survive and if they do will they ever be able to find their way home......

This book will be enjoyed by all children (and adults!!).  The story is so unique and different, a really well thought out storyline that makes it such an enjoyable read. Packed with adventure after adventure and secrets to uncover.  A magical read that flows well and what I would class as 'nice easy reading'.   A fantastically written story which I can highly recommend.

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  1. How lovely! I am starting a bookshelf for my grandchildren (eldest is 6) of fascinating books...this book is now on the wish list to help complete the shelf :)

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    I came to your blog and have been reading along your posts. I decided I will leave my first comment. I have enjoyed reading your blog. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often…


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