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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Jones Handmade Soap Review - Natural eco friendly soaps

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If your like me and prefer natural products to use on your skin then I highly recommend you try Jones Handmade Soap products.  I was lucky enough to test the 'Apple of my eyes Lotion Bar' .  This is where 'smelly vision' would be extemely useful, you would not believe the beautiful aroma of the bars as I opened the case, wow!!  Even now, after many uses, I can still smell the apple.

When I picked up the bars they felt like velvet, soooo soft.  On rubbing the bar into my skin it easily melted and felt lovely and creamy, it left my skin not only soft and silky but smelling gorgeous.  I've been using the lotion bar now for two weeks and can already feel the difference in my skin and will definetly continue to use it, in fact I will be probably be trying out the soaps next, the smellier the better!!

This is the soap I've got my eye, yes because I love the way it looks but also because I couldn't resist the description, just read this:
An instant favorite among our female customers. Pink is a sensual and sweet scent that is sophisticated yet fun. Pink a note of cotton candy, fruits and florals that is sure to make any lady feel like a queen.

Mrs Jones started her company due to the fact that she needed to find soap that would be help with her sons ezcema and her own sensitive dry skin.  She tried many products but none worked.  Learning how to make soap she started trying making one after another until she finally reached a formula that not only healed their skin but kept it healthy.  After sharing among friends and family she now shares her natural eco friendly soaps with the world. 

Her products range from body butters, lip balms, lotions, body scrubs to gift sets.  What I also liked is that if you buy 4 or more products you can build your own gift set, rather than getting products that you won't really use, that normally tends to happen.


  1. Great review! I am always on the lookout for natural products to use in our home. I try to stay away from chemicals.

  2. Love the pink and black colors - they are so thick! Lovely

  3. Love! Both of my kids and my husband have eczema so I know how hard it is to find a soap that doesn't dry them out even more.

  4. I love soaps of all colors, shapes and smell especially natural!!

  5. I love hand made soap and this looks wonderful. I loved your review.

  6. Thank you for this review. Handmade soaps are the best.


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