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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Book Review - A Warriors Soul by SR Staley

Book Review

A Warriors Soul - Path of The Warrior 1
by SR Staley

About the Author
Image of SR StaleyI have written hundreds of articles and commentaries during my two-decade long career as a public policy researcher, analyst, and novelist, but no form of writing captures my interest and passions like books. I love the "long form" of storytelling, and books provide the format and freedom to take my characters down paths my initial idea or outline could never have imagined. I find this especially true in fiction, but it's also true for my nonfiction. Writing is a process, and as a writer, I allow my creative juices to be energized by the journey.

Professionally--my "day job"--I am the Associate Director of the DeVoe Moore Center in the College of Social Sciences at Florida State University in Tallahassee where I also teach classes in urban planning and urban economics. I am also a senior research fellow with Reason Foundation in Los Angeles, where I founded the urban policy program in 1997.

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Book Description
Luke is sure his martial arts training is worthless. That's why he quit. But when Dirk and his thugs move into his school, Luke quickly realizes that he may be the only one who can save Lucy, Chuck, and his other friends from their relentless and violent gang. Only Luke can make the ultimate decision to help his friends and stand up to the gang. It's a stark choice, and one he can't make alone. 

A Warrior's Soul is Luke's journey as he struggles to cope with the gang, teachers who don't understand the threat, disbelieving parents, and his own lack of confidence. Will he have the courage to return to the dojo and resume his training? Will he have the wisdom to know when to confront the gang?

Book Review
The main character, Luke, displays all the emotions and traits of a teenager who is trying to find out where he belongs and what he has to do to survive.  The added problem is the school bully, Dirk and his gang have decided it is Luke's turn to receive their treatment. 

Luke is confused and doesn't know how to react, especially when a couple of his close friends are hurt by Dirk and his gang.  When he approaches his mam and the school authorities they don't believe him, so what option does he have?

Having left his martial arts training school feeling it wasn't teaching him anything, he finds himself strangely drawn back to it where Pete, his trainer, is waiting for him.  After an incident at school, Luke and his friend Lucy find themselves opening up to Pete, who then gives Lucy her first lesson and Luke realises what he has been taught is worth a lot more than he ever could envisage.

When Luke realises that Chuck, his friend, has took a weapon to sort out Dirk once and for all, he knows that he must stop him before someone ends up being killed, but how and when to do this is his next problem

The story is an excellent one,  it shows that violence is not the answer, through a disciplined regime of training to defend yourself, that if you can stick up for yourself and react in the correct manner then you can achieve your goals.

The authors writing brings the story and emotions to life - fear, anger, frustration and trying to establish a power base is poignant to any establishment with an age range.  The growing up stages of any youth rely on one thing, which is brought across very strongly throughout this book, that they all need a role model of some description that they can relate to, to alleviate their worries and seek advice from. 

I would strongly recommend this book to any young reader to give them the belief that their is always someone they can turn to.

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  1. this sounds like an inspiring book for young readers :)

  2. I think I'd like this book and it would probably be a good book for my grandson as well.
    The author is from my 'neck of the woods' so I knew his book would be great :)

  3. This sounds like a wonderful read! Thank you for the introduction!

  4. Thank you Sharon! While my book (thankfully) has received several excellent reviews, I was very excited to see you (unlike others) pick up on one of the critical underlying themes: the value of training for self defense, and the discipline that goes with it, while recognizing violence is not the answer.

  5. Thankyou, I am pleased you liked the review x


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