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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Book Review and Giveaway - Fluffy's Guardian Angel by Donald Bussel

Book Review

Fluffy's Guardian Angel
by Donald Bussel
About the Author
Donald Bussel served as a Fire Fighter and Fire Marsha for thirteen years on the St Louis Missouri Fire Department.

He then became a Life Safety Consultant for large institutional facilities, including Hospitals, Correctional Facilities, School Districts and many other government and private agencies. Care and the safe treatment of animals in organizations were also included in these endeavors.

He became involved whenever negligence issues were a risk for vulnerable persons or animals. The author's lifetime has been devoted to protecting vulnerable people and animals from crisis hazards.

"I am so pleased to be a part of the Beck Valley Books Blog. My book, “Fluffy’s Guardian Angel” is about my favorite gal, Fluffy. The book means a lot to me and so I am pleased to share some personal stories about us. If any of your readers are interested in purchasing the book, they can find a direct link at the end of this post."

Book Description
Fluffy is a precocious, fun-loving little dog who loves to play - especially outdoors.

The trouble begins when she goes out to play in the snow and gets lost. For weeks, Fluffy goes on an endless quest to get back home — without success. Compounding matters are her close encounters with big, menacing bears and snarling cougars — critters whom she thought would like to devour her.

All the while, Fluffy feels that someone is watching her from a distance — and strangely protecting her. Who could this mysterious being be?

Inspired by a real-life incident that befell on Donald Bussel and his four-legged best friend, Fluffy’s Guardian Angel is a colorful, fun-filled children’s picture book that will teach young readers some very important lessons about life. “ When Fluffy returned from her odyssey, I could only say, ‘If she could only talk, what kind of story would she tell?’”says the author. “I have attempted to retrace her steps using the known terrain and what she must have gone through” 

Vivdly brought to life by the illustrations of Michigan artist Frank Roosa, Fluffy’s Guardian Angel is one “heavenly” addition to any child’s book collection.

"A lot of folks ask me about why I tell the story from Fluffy’s point of view. I just didn’t see any other way of telling the story. Since I wasn’t able to be with her on her odyssey, I had to imagine the things she must have gone through while she was lost to me. It seemed only natural to tell it in Fluffy’s own words."

Our Book Review
My son and I couldn't wait to read the adventures of Fluffy, this would be our first book review together and to make it even more special it was all about a cute dog named Fluffy (as you probably guessed we love dogs!!).

We really liked the beginning of the book as the author gives the child some of Fluffy's dog breed information and characteristics.  The story follows Fluffy as she is so excited with the new fresh snow laying she runs and plays in it until she becomes lost, resulting in her being away from her warm cosy house for four weeks in the freezing cold weather.  Scared, hungry and lonely, Fluffy begins to feel the presence of someone protecting her.  This was her Angel who helps her in many ways.

We absolutely loved the beautiful pictures in the book with Fluffy and the settings, we spent some time talking about all the different animals we could spot in most of them.

A great adventure story to read with your child or even on your own!!  Lovely and enjoyable, Fluffy will soon get into your heart. 

Our favourite picture in the book - Fluffy with her Guardian Angel

Our Rating

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Special thanks to author Donald Bussel for the prize x   

also at Barnes & Noble Guardian Angel

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