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Friday, February 3, 2012

Book Review - I AM I - The In-Dweller of Your Heart by by David Knight

Book Review
I AM I: The In-Dweller of Your Heart (Part 1)
by David Knight

About the Author
Whilst experiencing various types of employment ranging from factory work, HM Forces, Financial Services and self employment, his search for fulfilment changed from the exterior and without, to the interior and ‘within’.

Spiritual ‘education’ gained greater momentum and at the age of 21, a more urgent sense of dedication and realization started to reveal itself. New and personal evidence of and from God, with his Love and Light Hierarchy, were soon revealed through his life experiences. Many precognitions, dreams and visions followed which showed him that all souls are special and that we have been given a unique opportunity in this lifetime.  With the aid of Spirit guides and beings of the ethereal planes, Pathway, was self-published in 1998, among others.  This ‘channelled’ work laid the foundation for anyone who wished to experience and develop their own heart’s flame of love and light.   Dave resides in Northamptonshire (UK) with his wife Caroline and 4 cats.

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Book Description
I am I: The In-Dweller of your Heart is a stepping stone for all who embark upon their own quest for ‘Spiritual’ education and guidance. Even if you are comfortable with your own faith and religion, it can help you to explore new interpretations and issues on a personal or global scale.

The author David Knight has received and transcribed these passages of text in a process known as ‘Inner Dictation’. He describes this as writing from within the connection of his heart where peace, bliss, love and light reign supreme.

God’s wisdom and teachings are laid out before you so you can simply choose and read whenever or whatever your heart needs or desires. I am I entrusts that you will dip your toes into these guidelines, principles and simple directions, then dive headfirst into the waters of your own Divine essence.

These books will form the threads of life’s new tapestry, each spun into 52 lessons from, to and through our own hearts and souls. They are like a father, mother, brother, sister, husband, wife, partner or personal friend who knows you better than you can ever know ‘yourself’.

Part 1 is a companion for life which does not judge, condemn or scold, but hopes to encourage, guide, console, teach and remind you of who and what you are, why you live and for what purpose too!
Book Review
Normally I read thrillers or historic novels which have a logical sequence of events which lead to an ending, therefore when I read this book I found that I was challenging myself in my thought process and emotional feelings.

Although I am a Christian and have read certain parts of the bible, both old and new testament, this book asked me the question, have I really let God into my heart?

Each individual who reads this book will interpret it to their way of thinking.  I see the teachings as that God is a seed planted in our heart and is with us in everything we do, but the degree of belief I have depends on how much I believe he is there.  If I could open my heart to him and let him grow, my inner soul or karma would be lighter, thus letting me shine or glow more, which would lift my burdens.  Instead of sitting round and contemplating if I let the light shine, I would be at peace.  There is absolutely nothing that you cannot achieve if you have faith in yourself.

The author then takes us through the different phases of emotions and life as well as relationships with different sectors of society, friends, colleagues and family.  Believing all good and light comes from within and if we can learn to nurture this and believe in our faith, in God and our own strengths, we can enrich everybody we come into contact with.

Through reading this book, if you are having doubts or struggling, this book can life you up and rekindle hope.  If you are a believer, this can strengthen your faith and beliefs.  If you have no faith then give this book a try.

To get the best out of the book you need to take your time in reading it, taking on board the message that is portrayed, this book must be read.

Our Rating


  1. Sometimes, we forget about our spiritual side, no matter how "religious" we are. This sounds like an interesting read.

  2. Sounds like a deep good read. Something I would enjoy! Thank you!

  3. I love reading books that builds hope and encouragement. This sounds like a good book


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