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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Book Review - Death's Crooked Shadow by Gordon N McIntosh

Book Review

Death's Crooked Shadow
by Gordon N McIntosh
About the Author

Gordon N. McIntosh began writing mysteries and thrillers after a master's degree from the University of Chicago and a successful real estate career. After an early retirement he and his wife traveled and lived extensively in Mexico, South America, Australia and Europe. Now they split their time between their homes in Chicago and Key West, Florida. When he’s not writing, he enjoys running, scuba diving, tennis, and travel.

Book Description
Real estate developer Doug Sutherland thinks it is just going to be another sweltering summer day in Chicago. But when the foreman demolishing his late father’s rundown office building discovers a skull and human bones encased in a crumbling Greek column, Sutherland is suddenly propelled into a cauldron of greed, sadism, and murder.

The last thing Sutherland needs is bad publicity. When he learns the victim is notorious alderman Danny Delaney, however, he realizes a fifteen-year-old mystery is about to be solved and that now his deceased father is one of the prime suspects. Then the murdered man’s notebook and videotapes suddenly surface, and Sutherland discovers that his father had more secrets than he ever realized. As he is relentlessly harassed for what he might know–endangering both his life and his business—Sutherland must convince everyone that he knows nothing. Unfortunately, no one believes him.

As a desperate Sutherland collaborates with an ambitious reporter and his calculating sister in a pursuit strewn with murder victims, he soon finds out that trusting the wrong person can lead to dire consequences.

Book Review
As Doug Sutherland is just about to start his new project of re-development, a body of alderman Danny Delaney is found inside one of the crumbling Greek columns.   As he is investigated, it takes him on a journey back through his past.

The building in question belonged to his dad who mysteriously disappeared 15 years ago along with a substantial amount of money.  This leads to a trail of political corruption throughout the powers of Chicargo from businessmen, politicians and some members of the police force.

As Doug tries to clear his Dad's name he locates certain documents and tapes which implicate the real culprits, as he approaches these people he puts his life and the life of his the sister of a murdered reporter, who is helping him, in danger.

Who can he trust, as everyone he looks to for help has a hidden agenda or is either linked or has been bribed by the murderers.  Each time he gets closer or receives information, the informer ends up dead.  Can Doug find out the truth?

The characters and the position and power they hold are current with the modern day and they way they act and respond to their fear are well described.  This was a good follow up to the first instalment, The Lagarto Stone.  I actually enjoyed this more than the first book as it was more believable and the actions of the bad guys reflected the power, corruption and the hold that certain individuals had over influential peers.

Our Rating


  1. Sounds like a good mystery. I am more into real life mystery, true crime, but this may be something I would read. Thanks for the review.

  2. I love a good mystery, and this one sounds great. I am going to put this on my list of books that I need to read. Thanks!

  3. Love mystery books. You did such a great review, that I want to read it now!

  4. Thanks for the review! I do enjoy a good mystery!


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