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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Book Review - Code Blood by Kurt Kamm

Book Review 
Code Blood
by Kurt Kamm

About the Author

Malibu resident Kurt Kamm has used his access to Los Angeles County and Los Angeles City firefighters and his experience in several devastating local wildfires to write his novels. He has also attended classes at El Camino Fire Academy and training sessions in arson investigation and hazardous materials response.  One of the Malibu fires, the 60 mile-per-hour Santa Ana wind-driven Canyon Fire, burned to his front door and destroyed the homes of several neighbors. Mr. Kamm said the lessons he learned from L.A. County Fire Department while writing his books helped him save his home.
Kurt lives with his wife and three dogs. He was previously a financial executive and semi- professional bicycle racer. He was Chairman of the UCLA/Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center Foundation and is an avid supporter of the Wildland Firefighter Foundation.

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Book Description
A young Los Angeles County Fire paramedic responds to a fatal accident. A woman’s foot has been severed. Who is she, and what happened to her foot?

During a week long search, while he risks his career to find the victim’s identity and her missing foot, Colt Lewis visits the dark side of Los Angeles, an underworld of Goth fetishists and body parts dealers. He encounters a woman with a full upper body tattoo, a mysterious Chinese woman involved in stem-cell research, and a killer.

When he finally finds the foot and buries it in the San Gabriel Mountains, the paramedic brings closure to the woman’s death and resolves the absence of his mother who deserted him a decade earlier.

Firemen at workThere is a flame that burns inside of us. It is what keeps us going, from house to house or wreck to wreck. We know that once we put that gear on, we are stronger than superman. The flame that burns inside each of us rouses us to save others. We put our lives at risk for others, it is what we do. Not everyone has that flame. We face the devil every day and somehow we win the battle. We love it, if we didn’t, why would we do it? WE LIVE TO FIGHT AND FIGHT TO LIVE.

Book Review
A turn paging enthralling story - the characters and places portrayed by the author give the reader a perfect picture and you can imagine yourself in the background observing and following the main characters.

A rookie fire paramedic on a shout is horrified to find a victims severed foot has disappeared, but who has taken it and who would want it?   This is a mystery he cannot let go of and will pursue all avenues to solve.  The thief is an albino goth who has a strange fetish and obsessions, he gets drawn into the Russian underworld to feed his fetish habits, which he then has to find ways of making money to pay them or lose his life.  Working in a research lab, the goth finds a way he could pay the Russians back after discovering a Chinese student has a very rare blood type, which his fellow goths, who have a taste for human blood, would buy. 

Will the paramedic solve his mystery before the goth gets his blood?  Will the goth survive or die?

This story had me hooked from page one and I found it really hard to put down.  The author has kept the storyline simple which means the reader can get to grips with what makes each character tick and their reasons for pursuing their own individual goals.   I would strongly recommend this book to all readers who enjoy a really good thriller.

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  1. This does sound like a good book. I think I'd enjoy reading it.

  2. This book sounds so good!! I am trying to think, and I do not think I ever read a book about a fire fighter. I need to check this out. Great review

  3. Sweet review, and a great sounding book. It's always nice when a mystery author can find ways of keeping things original!


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