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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Book Review - Jack Christie Books by Johnny O'Brien

Fantastic Gift for the Kids
The Jack Christie books are an action series for 10 to 14 year olds (and many adults!) which have a time travel theme involving modern teenagers in real historical events (e.g. the assassination in Sarajevo in 1914, the Battle of Britain and defeat of France in 1940, Elizabethan England and the Armada in 1588). This backdrop is used to explore 'turning points' in history'.
Meet the Author

Johnny O’Brien was born in Edinburgh and studied history at Cambridge University. He got the idea for the Jack Christie Adventures when he came across his grandfather’s medals from World War I. He lives in Surrey, England, with his family.

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Imagine finding out that your school and the village you live in, is being protected by Secret Agents.  Why?  Because it has a time machine in it.  There are two forces at work - one called VIGIL, who have to not only protect the machine but also history as it stands and the second - Revisionists, who want to go back in time and change the course of history. building a rival time machine, TAURAS.

In the first instalment, Jack and his friend Angus not only discover the time machine, they are transported back to 1914, to try and stop the assassination of the Archduke Franz Joseph and therefore stopping World War I and changing the course of history.  Jack discovers on the trip why his dad left him - he is working for the revisionists.  On the trip Jack realises that he needs to make a decision - does he stop the assassination and change not only history but his own existence, or does he let the assassination happen?
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In the second instalment Jack and Angus are transported back to 1587 as the revisionists are going to kill Queen Elizabeth I, in order for the Spanish Armada to defeat England and rule the world thus averting England's dominance over the rest of the world, which eventually leads up to the unrest and revolutions throughout Europe.  Facing sea battles, sword fights and working as undercover agents to survive.  With the Queen on edge and suspecting everyone being a spy, Jack and Angus not only have to fight the revisionists but also for their life.  Can they save the Queen and themselves?
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The year is 1940, Jack and Angus have to escape their school through the time machine as the revisionists have broken into the school and the Vigil security agency in order to try and take control the time machine.  They arrive in Paris and are captured by the secret army to protect them from the Nazis.  Soon after realising that the secret army and the revisionists plan to assassinate Hitler.  Do they let Hitler be assassinated or not?  During this instalment Jack finds out what his dad has been fighting for and why he left him as a young child.  Do Jack and Angus survive?  Are they Rescued?  Or is history changed forever?
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Overall Thoughts
Exciting, enthralling adventures.,  X-box meets HG Wells.   Re-enacting what they have learnt in the computer game as they are transported into earlier times.  The author provides a great journey through history which will hopefully provoke a genuine interest in major events that have shaped the world as it is, including the secrecy and betrayal of Elizabethan England and the hatred and injustice of Hitlers reign.

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  1. Oh, interesting. Will check this series once I find it. :D


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