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Monday, April 8, 2019

Winner of the Money or Men book tour giveaway is…

The Lucky Winner is...

Michelle L


Special thanks to author David Burnett for this great giveaway xx

Didn't Win??
Don't Worry!!
You can always treat yourself to Money or Men from here....

Erin must choose between the money of which she has long dreamed and the man
who she has loved. Eight years ago, she chose “loot” when Chris, her former
husband, competed for her hand against the god of money. Now, with a promotion
within reach, she is poised to take her place among the elite of Wall Street. She will
soon be working twenty-four-seven to reorganize a failing company, and she has
been ordered to find someone to care for her children.

She has few options, and she reluctantly concludes she must beg Chris for help. She
has not talked with Chris, written, texted, friended, private messaged, or tweeted
Chris since leaving him, but if he will not keep their children for the summer, she
will lose her promotion, and her dream of wealth will vanish.

Opposites had attracted when they had fallen in love. Erin remembers a Chris who
was laid-back, satisfied, and, worst of all, unambitious. He seems not to have
changed. He lives on a small island with no home mail delivery. He had been an
author, but Erin can find nothing he has published since their split.

But Chris’s photo is the one personal item on Erin’s desk, and she still dreams of
him when she sleeps. She fears if she asks Chris to care for their children for the
summer, she will be drawn back into his world. She will choose Chris over money,
“love over loot,” lose her drive to succeed and everything for which she has worked.
Her promotion will be denied – and lightning will not strike a second time. How can
she send their children to live with him without becoming entangled herself?

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