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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Book Review - Finding Destiny by Barbara Sinor

Book Review
Finding Destiny by Barbara Sinor

Book Description
Luana, a retired psychotherapist in southern California, discovers a novel about a girl living in England in the 1970s who has been raped. As Luana devours the book, she and the young woman each share their search for the innermost harbor of women’s life choices. Even though they live in separate countries and bridge many decades in time, their individual exploration of metaphysics, spirituality, and women's rights culminates in a mysterious friendship.

"Finding Destiny invites us to find inspiration and to remember the interconnectedness of all things. One question asks the reader, 'When we fall in love, where does the love come from?' This in itself is a great starting point for a reading group; I would love to discuss this question with the author straight away. Finding Destiny addresses the reader's self-awareness, and Sinor nudges us gently to continue our journey of finding our own personal destiny. Reading the book felt like watching a movie; nail-biting moments, tears, and goosebumps--all the ingredients a good Hollywood movie needs!"  --Barbara Patterson, Soul Matters Radio, Germany

"Finding Destiny is an engaging book, exploring connections of people separated by time and space. As a woman who has experienced unplanned pregnancy, I was especially appreciative of the exploration of this theme."  --Juanita Emery, M.A., Health Practitioner

"Finding Destiny is the story of two women whose challenges and triumphs mirror each other in many ways. It is also about transformation and how to achieve it. Through this fictional story, Sinor offers an introduction to metaphysical principles that become the foundation for both women's strength and power."  --Reverend Margaret Flick, Unity Minister

"Finding Destiny goes beneath the skin, down to the internal turmoil and sacrifices of two women a half century and oceans apart as they, with their best conscience, make life-changing decisions."  --Mary Catherine O'Heart, RN

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Hubbies Book Review
A very strong emotive novel which will tug at your heartstrings . The book will take you on a spiritual journey seen through two different sets of eyes. Luana finds a novel about a young girl who was living in England in the 70s and was raped and then went to live in a nunnery and gave up her daughter. The novel follows the trials and tribulations along with the young girls attempt to rebuild her life. Through the girls writing you feel every emotion you can think of.  With Luana reading the story and describing how she feels adds essence and substance to the novel.

Two different people from two different ages joined by spiritual beliefs make for an interesting read. Through the writing strong messages of beliefs and their methods are evident and will make you think about what you have achieved and obtained.

Strong feelings of trust and loss shine from Luana and the young lady eventually leading to a surprisingly twist in the storyline. Anyone who needs guidance or is in need for some positivity in their life will gain inspiration from this book.

Our Rating

About the Author
I have always enjoyed writing. As young as twelve years old, I would sit and write poetry and short shorts for hours. In my adult years, I became a psychotherapist and continued my writing of professional nonfiction self-help books. My private practice extended over thirty years and I am now retired.

I live in Northern California in the United States, and I am enjoying continuing my writing career. I have just completed writing my seventh book. My newest book to be released on September 1, 2016 is a fiction novel titled "Finding Destiny." This is my first novel and I enjoyed using poetic prose throughout the book. The story setting begins in 1970 England surrounding a seventeen year old girl caught in the middle of the worst night of her young life.

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  1. Destiny sounds like a very thought provoking read. I would love to read it as I am a bit similiar.

  2. Sounds like an interesting story that will touch the people who read it. Thank you for the review! :)

  3. This definitely sounds like a book that would make you think long and hard about what life can or did throw at you or someone you knew.

  4. This really does sound like a good book. I love books that make you think.

  5. Wow sounds like an interesting story for sure, love a well written book that can suck you in like this one.


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