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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Book Review - The Mists of Time (The Oracles Book 4) by Delia Colvin

Book Review
The Mists of Time
(The Oracles Book 4) 
by Delia Colvin

Book Description
The saga continues....

It began with a love more powerful than death. Alex Morgan’s love for his soul mate, Valeria was both legend and tragic. But finally, after 3000 years, they are living the life of their dreams in modern day Manhattan. Until a decisive flash of lightning opens a Kairos, a window in time, and changes their destiny forever...

In search of answers to their missing friends, Paolo Carrara leads them into the Underworld. And with one fateful step, Alex disappears into the past, igniting hidden passions, betrayals, and a possible end to the people that Valeria loves most—including Alex.

In order to save her husband and friends, Valeria follows Alex to ancient Greece, as the life they once knew vanishes into the mists of time...

"The Oracles does for Greek mythology what Outlander does for the Scottish Highlands!"

A love more enduring than life...than death...than destiny.

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"The most powerful and emotional of the series" 

 "The best one yet!” 

 "Another beautiful addition to the oracle series!”

Our Book Review
This was a heart pounding, emotional side to their story, with plenty of aspects that will have your emotions all over the place.  Another beautiful love story mixed with the endearing tale of mythology fantasy.  If you haven't had the reading pleasure of the previous books do not worry as the author updates you at the beginning of the book so you can easily read this as a stand alone read.

Alex has found his long lost sister after thousands of years but she tells him that their parents are lost in the underworld where she was captured after looking for him. Yet there's a hidden truth in the story that she is not sharing   She returns to try to free her parents but Alex feels he must go to help, he finds his dad, but his mother is still missing as she had fallen into danger.  As his dad enters the 'Mists of Time' to try to gain help, openings to other dimensions that rotate differently and change every 10 days, with some only opening every 500 years, he begins to sense real danger,  Alex frees him only to find that he is now trapped instead.  Will he be found alive? 

Both Valeria and Alex have always had the courage to fight against all the odds for those that they love.  Valeria with the help of others starts out to look for Alex who is now a prisoner and under a spell as well as been hunted by Aegomon, whose mission it is to destroy the world of all oracles. With so much danger looming everywhere their lives are at constant risk. Will Alex now be parted from his love Valeria and his friends forever?  

I loved my time back with Alex and Valeria and not forgetting their circle of friends.  It was such a welcome read from one of my favorite authors. I would totally recommend reading all four of these books, not necessary to follow the story, but for the sheer enjoyment of the unique and wonderful writing style from such a talented author.
Our Rating

About the Author
delia colvin authorDelia Colvin is the international bestselling and award winning author of The Oracles;
The Sibylline Oracle -Voted Goodreads #1 Best Release of June 2012
The Symbolon - Voted Goodreads #2 Best Release of November 2012
The Last Oracle - Voted Goodreads #2 Best Release of September 2013
This Mists of Time - Voted Goodreads #2 Best Release of December 2014

Delia's newest novel: The Haunted Heart of Rory O'Dannon was selected by Beck Valley Book reviewers best book of 2015.

With over 150,000 books in distribution, Delia burst onto the scene releasing three novels 15 months. 

Delia is also a screenwriter and as a former air traffic controller and self-proclaimed weather nerd, she volunteers to train pilots on aviation weather.

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  1. This sounds so interesting due to my anxiety I doubt I will read it. My daughter though reads books after the children are asleep. She and her friends love these kind of love yet mystery and danger books. I thought I was finished Christmas shopping for her but this series sounds like a must have.

  2. Nobody and I mean nobody should miss reading this entire series! I was enthralled through all 4 of the books and would grab the 5th if it is written!


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